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With extensive project management and practitioner experience, PDD provides companies with advice and support beyond innovation projects. We assist companies in evaluating investments, acquisitions, licensing, partnerships, and subcontract engagement. We assess strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and offer actionable advice to optimize success and mitigate business risks.

Intellectual Property
Our expertise in invention, patent circumvention, and patent drafting, along with regular interaction with patent agents, provides a business-focused perspective on intellectual property. We complement the legal position, offering insights to inventors and designers.

Plans, Processes & Teams
Leveraging our experience in developing, utilizing, and training in new innovation processes, we assess the strength of proposed developments and plans. With our project review capability, we evaluate the appropriateness of project teams and solutions.

Innovation Propositions
Through our daily management of design innovation, we review proposed designs from multiple viewpoints, including market, commercial, technical, and manufacturing. We identify gaps, assess risks, and recommend actions.

Quality Management
With over two decades of refining our bespoke internal quality systems, we are well-equipped to audit the quality management of external parties. We also assess their capability to deliver in R&D and manufacturing fields.

Our engagement format varies based on circumstances, encompassing independent or accompanied visits, audits, and reviews of plans, designs, and documentation. We provide assessments, due diligence reports, plans, coaching, and external reviews as output.
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Business Consulting

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