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Extensive facilities for model, prototypes and test have been fundamental to our ability to turn bright ideas and visionary designs into practical and tangible results quickly and effectively.

We make, test and iterate models and prototypes throughout our development process including relevant ‘looks/works/used and made-like’ characteristics to suit their intended purpose; acquiring insight, mitigating risks and gaining the confidence to proceed.

Machining cell

Early models address form and use, and others explore technical principles, further models establish design appeal and provide technical performance data then full prototypes build design verification and validation ahead of early product samples.

Our experienced model-makers work together with our designers and engineers to convert Computer-Aided Design (CAD) into tangible form using RPT (rapid-prototyping), CNC machining (computer numerical control), manual machining, moulding and casting and hand finishing.

Our visual and robotic metrology equipment is used to inspect parts before assembly and tests in our dedicated laboratory. Equipped with calibrated instruments this is used for experimentation, to characterise prototype performance and to conduct the test verification of medical devices for submission, all managed within our certified quality system.

The models we make at PDD extend from physical products to digital interfaces and often the combination. The quantities range from one to several and also thousands which PDD manages through trusted supply partners. In addition to product, our facility is used to make the associated research stimuli, assembly jigs, test apparatus and limited run tooling.

Model making

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