Design Insight & Strategy | PDD

We uncover market trends and translate them into actionable business opportunities. Our insights drive innovation across product design, service design, business strategy, and technical development. Using various design insight tools, we inspire teams and identify commercial opportunities.

Social and Cultural Insights
We leverage changing attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles to create reports, brand maps, personas, and future scenarios.

Design and Technology Trends
We track visual design trends and the latest technology developments that influence products and services.

Design Semiotics
Our semiotic approach ensures designs effectively communicate your branding and positioning by understanding cultural meaning and consumer expectations.

Our design strategy combines external factors like user experience, trends, and market dynamics with our internal expertise in creative design, technology application, manufacturing, and usability testing. This enables us to create a cohesive strategic roadmap and action plan for project and market success.

Zephyr plus ventilator design insights

Our Key Services:

Opportunity Framing: Identifying areas of differentiation, innovation, and growth by translating research into spaces of potential opportunities.

Creative Translation: Analyzing and utilizing business aspirations, strategy insights, and consumer insights to validate areas of opportunity for innovation and new product/service development.

Creative Sessions: Crafting collaborative workshops that generate groundbreaking insights and design concepts to drive market change.

Innovation Roadmapping: Mapping an innovation pipeline based on identified opportunities and translated insights, leveraging our experience in product/service development and launch.

Sustainability Management: Uncovering eco trends, understanding consumer behaviors, and conducting Life Cycle Analysis to guide the development of sustainable products and services while addressing CSR needs.

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