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Kimberly Clark Huggies Babywipes

Analytical approach cleans up in baby wipes market

Kimberly Clark’s long-standing relationship with PDD began with a research project into the UK baby wipes market. To help uncover the factors driving purchase decisions, PDD’s extensive research explored the perceptions and practical needs of parents. The insights gained allowed PDD to assess various product concepts by their feasibility and the level of need, and to provide an innovation roadmap for the corporation’s Huggies brand.

One of these concepts identified a need for an alternative to cotton wool during a baby’s first weeks. PDD converted this insight into the idea of dry wipes, which parents would dip into water – just like cotton wool. However, the dry wipes would be easier and better to use. In addition to delivering these advantages to users, the new product would benefit Kimberly Clark too. The dry wipes used the same base-sheet material as the Huggies wet wipes, so established suppliers and manufacturing processes could remain in place. The dry wipes would also create a new product category, open a fresh revenue stream, and add to the company’s reputation for innovation. Furthermore, the concept would encourage parents to try the Huggies brand at an earlier stage.

Kimberly Clark Huggies baby wipes

Kimberly Clark commissioned PDD to create the packaging – including the retail dispensing units – for its new Cotton Soft Sheets brand. Working closely with the multinational’s packaging suppliers, PDD explored various formats in the knowledge that the packaging had to differentiate the latest product from traditional wet wipes. The package design and messaging also had to convey softness and, in the minds of consumers, position the new product alongside cotton wool.

The development of Cotton Soft Sheets is a milestone along the innovation roadmap. Kimberly Clark has worked alongside PDD to expand the Huggies range with a groundbreaking product that defines a new category and maximises the potential for early brand adoption.

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