Electronics & Software | PDD

Our team conceives solutions from an early system perspective and manages the interaction design, development and integration of electronics and software on products, connectivity with the web and the experience on mobile devices.

Our process starts with human-driven system mapping and interaction and functional charting before exploring architecture and technology in breadboard and benchtop models. Our systems engineers and software and electronics specialists work alongside our interaction designers and human factors specialists to develop and simulate user experiences that are iteratively tested with users. Our software engineers work in an IEC 62304 and 61508 compliant system with our quality and mechanical engineers to ensure that solutions are delivered in a robust and assured format. Our scope of work includes:

Electronics and Software


– System architectures: from small, high performance to large industrial

– Digital, analogue, opto and RF hardware design

– Sensor integration and motion control

– Wireless connectivity solutions

– Microcontrollers, Embedded Software & FPGAs Software

– Platform & software selection and specification

– Database Design & Code Generation

– Software: Real-Time Processing, C++, Linux, Microsoft CE, Assembler

– Software Validation Management

– Data acquisition, image and video capture and processing

– Post-launch technical support

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