Aqualisa Q™ - Smart Digital Mixer Showers | PDD

Digital shower offers a smart personalised showering experience

PDD has helped Aqualisa develop its shower products for over 20 years. Its latest product is the Aqualisa Q™ that offers its customers a new smart, digital and personalised showering experience…

Aqualisa, pioneers of ‘digital showers’, is using the latest technologies to provide the optimum shower quality and performance. With greater familiarity and acceptance of digital interfaces in home appliances, Aqualisa wanted to use a digital interface to provide its users with the most advanced shower control and convenience.

It enlisted PDD to help it realise its new ‘Q™’ concept.

We simulated early interaction concepts using a selection of interactive web-tools, and using our human factors expertise and validation testing with users, helped to optimize the usability of tools and navigation. In parallel, and in the physical world, we helped to construct the system and mechanical configuration. This helped to maintain the original design vision whilst ensuring the technology worked effectively and reliably in a challenging hot and wet environment.

‘Meet Aqualisa Q™’ at, a new digital shower borne out of precision engineering, award-winning technology and pioneering innovation.


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