Engineering Development | Product Design Consultancy | PDD

At PDD, we embrace engineering from idea generation to development, ensuring the viability, performance, and profitability of innovative concepts. Our expertise covers the following:

Concepts & Feasibility:

We synthesize and explore new ideas, grounding our optimism with thorough research, calculation, and testing. Rational assessment leads us to select the most viable solutions.

Engineering Development:

Supported by advanced CAD tools, our knowledge in science, engineering, materials, and processes ensures compliance with regulations, functional specifications, quality targets, and manufacturability. Early engagement with manufacturers guarantees design suitability for assembly, inspection, and testing.

Engineering Design and Simulation capability

Simulation & Analysis:

With 20 years of experience using advanced simulation tools like MathCAD, ANSYS, Dassault, and Creo, we de-risk adventurous concepts, optimize designs, and verify product performance under varying manufacturing conditions. Our capabilities span structures, mechanisms, heat transfer, fluids, electromagnetics, and impact scenarios.

Specification for Manufacture:

Our robust specifications and statistical tolerance techniques ensure seamless intent transfer and the achievement of requirements. Quality-managed documentation, including CAD data, engineering drawings, work instructions, and production specifications, guarantees excellence in execution.

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