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Deep Reality Viewer – Bringing TriTeQ3 technology to life

Developing eye-catching new products for next-generation viewing technology

Vision Engineering, the UK’s leading optical inspection experts, needed to develop next generation viewing technology to appeal to diverse markets such as medical scanning, CAD design, electronics and interactive gaming. Capitalising on a long working relationship, PDD worked with Vision to develop the eye-catching range of new products for its innovative TriTeQ3 technology.

Triteq Deep Reality Viewer

Our work included:

  • Research – PDD engaged with leading hospitals to understand the medical landscape
  • Design – A new visual design language to stand out in the workplace
  • Engineering Design – Proposed and developed the build methodology allowing the product to be fully operational and tested before exterior panels are added
  • Prototyping – Complex prototypes produced, fabrications, CNC machining, vacuum casting and hand finishing
  • Production – Specification of all aspects of the product components ready for production
  • Branding – Development of the sector-specific brand language and DRV logo

“We have worked with PDD on several projects, over many years, utilising a wide range of their technical, research and design services, and have always been impressed with their capabilities”.

Stewart Mardell - VP Sales, Vision TriTeQ Ltd

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