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Design for Halloween


on October 30 2013

A staggering £285 million was spent on Halloween related goods in the UK in 2012 and with the figure expected to reach £315 million in 2013, it definitely seems to be big business to create spooky themed products or services for this yearly event. Here’s a round-up of a few Halloween products that caught our eye!

Halloween has been celebrated in its current form since the Middle Ages, with the modern visuals of ghosts, gore and pumpkins appearing somewhere around 1900’s when children would dress up and go ‘trick or treating’. This historical background has been formed over the years into the modern context, which adorns almost every shop from late September every year.

Products range from simple re-branding, to creating new designs for the weeks leading up to the event, and of course all of the clothing and make up required for trick or treating. Luxury goods at Harrods and the many toys and sweets for children show it’s definitely a holiday for all ages and budgets!

Featured image credit: home.made. Above image credit: Le Creuset 

The classic Le Cruset casserole dish has been given a Halloween makeover that wouldn’t look out of place in the kitchen the rest of the year. Other than cooking up a Halloween meal, it adds a nice touch to any table at a Halloween party filled with sweets and treats.

Image credit: Lush Bath Bombs from jasmineblu.

Lush have created a selection of Halloween themed bath bombs, each with a fantasy/spooky touch to them. Unsurprisingly they decided against making the pumpkin actually smell like pumpkin, instead settling for an orange scent.

Image credit: Halloween Fanta can from Colecao de Latas.

Fanta have used the lurid-orange colour to their advantage, and changed their packaging to entice people into buying the drink for their Halloween parties. Soft drink volumes rose by 4% in the lead-up to the 31st October last year, showing that Halloween is a truly a sugary day! The bottle and cans also gives tips and ideas about what to do at a Halloween party, as well as some recipes for Fanta punches.

05_Google doodle 2012 Happy Halloween
Image credit: Google Doodle Halloween 2013.

The Google Doodle has almost become an event in itself, with many people anticipating what their homepage is going to look like when they first log on each day. Google’s Halloween effort for the last 2 years have really impressed, who knows what’s in store this year!

Image credit: Cadbury Creme Eggs from Ned.

Cadbury Creme Eggs, Heinz Beans, Spaghetti Hoops and Fondant Fancies have all been given a Halloween facelift to grab shopper’s attention, fighting for recognition on the shelves next to their competitors. Cadburys have done a particularly good job in moving away from their traditionally Easter egg themed product over the last few years with Screme Eggs filled with ‘green goo’.

Image credit: Laser carved pumpkins from SEATTLE FOOD GEEK

Within the next few years, Halloween may be moving into the future with affordable technology becoming more and more popular across the country. Laser carved pumpkins allow for intricate and stunning detail, the full method can be found here. In the future Halloween toys and decorations could be made at home with the help of a 3D printer potentially adding a new dimension and personal touch to trick or treating!

Image credit: 3D printed pumpkin from

With the sales of Halloween themed products growing every year we are seeing companies become even more creative with their celebratory interpretations as these examples illustrate. Are there any Halloween designs that have caught your eye this year? Let us know @pddinnovation! Happy Halloween from us all at PDD!