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Designed for Christmas


on December 19 2012

Every year, whether we like it or not, Christmas comes around and it becomes impossible to not immerse yourself in it. The effort that goes into it is sensational, from the Christmas lights that go up in the town centre, to the weird and wonderful products released.  Businesses reveal new adverts, products, packaging – and a lot more, purely for the festive period. In this post, I take a look at some of the great, specifically Christmas things that have caught my eye.

The TV adverts always play a big part in making it all feel very Christmassy. Famously, “it isn’t Christmas ’till you’ve seen the Coca Cola truck”. Although, I’d like to point out John Lewis’ efforts that, over the last couple of years, have gone for the tear-jerker approach and created some iconic advertising. The songs they use in their Christmas adverts also famously chart highly during the Christmas period. This year’s advert is about going that extra mile to find the right gift. A lovely spin, focusing on the enjoyment of giving rather than receiving of presents. Click on the image to view the advert:

john lewis advert finalFeatured image credit: City of Marietta, via Flickr. Above image credit: John Lewis

Heineken decided to take a light-hearted and completely different approach with their print advertising. A reference to Santa’s famous beer belly, perhaps?

Heineken Print Advert FinalImage credit: creativecan

There are always the hats, Santa onesie’s and other anticipated festive products, but for me personally, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the customary knitwear. Embarrassing or not, it has to be done.

Christmas Jumper FinalImage credit: daftchristmasjumpers

These Christmas lights designed by IKEA of Sweden are both simple, and creative. I really like the white houses, with the windows effect created by the lights.

Ikea Lights FinalImage credit: IKEA

Nothing quite says Christmas like a box of Lindt chocolates, right? The Lindor Cube packaging has been beautifully designed to represent a classic Christmas gift box, topped with an iconic red ribbon. I feel festive just looking at it, never mind the chocolate…

Lindt Box Final
Image credit: Lindt

Have you seen any great examples of products, packaging or advertisements that have instantly made you feel more Christmassy? We’d love to see your examples. Comment below or tweet us @pddinnovation!