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Electric Blue Fashion


on June 22 2011

Land speed record attempts allow for pure uncompromising design.

The goal is clear and the rulebook simple.

Typically development is cooperative, open and a show case for engineering.

Image from thechangingpoint.com

The first ever land speed records were set by electric cars.

The last time an electric car held the outright land speed was 1899 at 65mph “La Jamais Contente”.

Image from The Mail on Sunday

However the last time the UK electric record was set, ten years ago, electric cars were marginalised and out of fashion. The press headline is referring to Ernie’s fastest milk float in the West.

What a difference a decade makes.

On the 2nd and 3rd of July Don Wales, a 3rd generation Campbell, will attempt to increase his existing UK electric record on the historic Pendine sands in Wales. This will  continue  nearly 100 years of Bluebird record attempts. Expect a more credible headline in the press!

After over a century electric vehicles are heading back into the mainstream of car propulsion. Before the petrol internal combustion engine came to dominance there was a wide variety of power sources and systems. We are returning to a period when you will be uncertain what lies beneath the bonnet of a car. A new language will be  required  as terms such as ‘miles per gallon’ are no longer inclusive. Hopefully Don will give the headline writers cause to commit this new terminology to the front pages.

Good luck Don.

Image from www.autoevolution.com