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January 16 2014
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For the love of knit!

Well it’s official, the summer wardrobe has been packaged away, and the long boots and thick tights have made their wintery appearance! I can think of nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with my knitting and a massive mug of hot chocolate at the end of a cold commute home! So what better time to take a look at some of the wonderful ways the world of knit and hand craft had been translated at London Design Festival last year!

Bigger is better
Scaled up chunky knit and weave creating bold and familiar textures formed a clear trend. From cushions to seating and rugs; large textures become highly tactile giving a sense of warmth and comfort.

Bold combinations
Knit and weave certainly doesn’t mean plain! Colour, texture and pattern combinations form bold statements, translating traditional techniques into modern pieces that stimulate the eye and sense of touch.

Folk art inspired
Folk art and craft techniques reworked into larger scale and new product applications giving a sense of nostalgia, showing off the beauty of stripped back decorative techniques of past times.

From string to surface
Yarn and rope manipulation crosses boundaries from the decorative nature of soft toys and soft furnishings, to integrated functional and structural applications of seating.


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Posted by Sarita
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Languages spoken: English.
The last thing that inspired me: Chinese teacups from a small café in Camden Town, London - the most amazing collection of colours and textures.
My dream project: Something multi-sensorial.
My obsession: Stationery - retro inspired, Asian influenced, graphically intriguing, sensorially indulgent and the 'unique'!

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