Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the Goodwood Revival Weekend | PDD

Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the Goodwood Revival Weekend


on September 20 2011

What a week! Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the Goodwood Revival Weekend – a truly multi-sensory experience for anyone with a drop of petrol in their veins. Tristram Keech (Principal of ID at PDD) tells us more… and it’s not just about cars.

1 Chris Bangle hosts Interior Motives Award Ceremony 2011

The ex-BMW Chief of Design was  Master  of Ceremonies at this year’s event (co-sponsored by PDD) held at the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. The theme for 2011 was ‘Back to Basics: Making cars for People not Markets’. He never fails to deliver rousing, inspiring messages to audiences in his inimitable witty style. He touched on the importance of designing ‘…from the inside out’. PDD would of course go one step further and say from ‘Insight Out’…

2 The Audi stand – One word: Wow!

The Zaha Hadid-inspired exterior with a pumping heart was simply amazing. This year’s stand was such a draw that it attracted the most attention and buzz at the show. There were electrical-powered vehicles making circuits of the interior and inspiring concepts for the A2 and ‘Urban’ 2-seater. No wonder China’s most desired car is an Audi.

3 eBike from Daimler’s Smart Division – Smart thinking, stunning execution

The electronically-assisted bike market is growing faster and faster, year on year, and the  competition  need to watch out. Originally revealed at the Paris Show in 2010, the eBike from Smart launches next year in the UK. Smart claim the eBike does a: maximum range of 90km on one charge; a charge time of two to three hours; and regenerative braking that turns energy into electricity which is stored in the battery. I couldn’t resist but take it for a spin – the verdict: a unique, head-turning and stylish riding experience.

4 Peugeot HX-1 – ‘La coupe franche’

Amko Leenarts, Head of Interior Design at Peugeot, talked me through the thinking behind the French manufacturer’s latest concept car, the HX1. ‘La coupe franche’ is displayed very clearly and provides a glimpse of its vision and a very direct approach to splitting colour, material, space and function. The exterior is an encouraging look at Peugeot’s future styling direction and we hope it trickles down to the showrooms without getting diluted.

5 Goodwood Revival – The Demon Drome Daredevil’s Wall of Death

The best thing I saw at Revival this year was the Wall of Death. In fact, it was the best thing I’ve seen anywhere this year, full stop. The noise, the fumes, the skill, the sheer raw excitement of witnessing the wall of Death was mind-blowing. If you ever get the chance, buy a  ticket !  www.demondrome.coms