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Gifts for the Studio


on December 21 2012

On Fridays we generally like to spoil you with weird and wonderful links from around the world. However, as today’s the last Friday before Christmas – we’ve gone for a slight twist, and present you with some of the great products and designs that have caught our eye. So coincidentally, if you’re feeling generous – we wouldn’t mind these under our Christmas tree in a few days…

GFTS_Parrot Zik

Image credit: GearHungry

I’m going to kick off with these – quite simply the greatest headphones money can buy. Designed by Philippe Starck himself; not only do they look incredible, but they have some of the most advanced headphone technology around. That silky smooth outer surface is actually a fully functional touch pad – it lets you adjust the volume, skip tracks… everything! Ah, one day…

GFTS_Pasta Maker

Image credit: Gracetextilewoodbridge

Milly Roberts, Consultant – Design Insight
I would like a pasta maker, even though I know I will end up not having any time to make some. It’s just that I have seen so many lovely recipes recently. And, I have been watching too much Professional Masterchef 😉

GFTS_Global Knives

Image credit: Global

Taalib Minhas, Technical Design Intern
With Christmas dinner preparations underway no doubt I will have to take my usual role of doing all the chopping! Perfectly balanced, sharp and beautiful, Global knives tick all the boxes of form and function. Although I admit, that might not be quite enough justification for spending £100 on a single knife…

GFTS_Trend Helmet

Image credit: Trend

Tim Court, Director
I want one of these for Christmas. There’s a great timber importer in Hammersmith – a real Aladdin’s cave of tropical hardwoods that are hard to resist.  Many types of wood dust are toxic so this should make woodworking more comfortable and safer in 2013. I reckon I’ll look very fetching in it too… A happy dusty New Year hopefully!

GFTS_Orange Bike

Image credit: Orange

Dan Evans, Consultant – Human Factors & Usability
I’d love the Five AM by Orange. Just because it’s a seriously cool piece of kit for tearing up the mountain!

GFTS_Coco Mattress

Image credit: Coco-mat

Lindsay Nester, Business Development Manager
From Santa: A Coco-Mat Mattress! Why: It’s chemical free, 100% organic, fire resistant and good sleep is vital for good health!

As the last remaining PDDers pack up their pencils, put away their sandpaper and back up their computers, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2013!