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October 9 2018
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Multitone EkoTek – Best Communication System Winner 2017

Over a year ago,  Multitone EkoTek system won the Best Communication System Award within the Building Better Healthcare ceremony. Since then, the product has attracted a lot of positive customer feedback.  Multitone recently released a video illustrating how the product provides wireless protection for staff members operating in challenging work environments.

The PDD team was asked to produce a system that is both reliable and user-friendly and within a branding format that is suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial-commercial settings.

Keeping a human-centred approach to innovation in mind, the PDD team visited a hospital, a lifeboat station and a power station in order to understand the usability of this product within real-life working scenarios. During the product development process, PDD made sure that Multitone EkoTek can easily be operated by ‘blind’ and glove users, while also assuring the product is submersible and impact-proof.

The end result was well-received on the market and its ability to cover any faulty communications is now being used across multiple disciplines within the healthcare and industrial sectors. Multitone EkoTek’s compact and reliable design facilitates staffs’ usage and features anti-bacterial properties, but can also be easily cleaned under the tap with disinfectants.

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