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We are very proud to announce that the Voltcraft VC 891, designed in collaboration with Conrad Electronic, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2023 in the category of Product Design.

Recognised by the jury for its high standards of functionality and quality, the design delivers precision, reliability and ruggedness in a high-voltage environment and a seamless user experience in a context where safety always comes first.

Determined to develop a category-leading product for building professionals, Conrad Electronic and PDD teamed up to fulfil the growing demand for a safer, more robust, easier-to-handle multimeter.

The VOLTCRAFT VC 891 is a precise, easy-to-operate universal measuring instrument that is especially recommended for safe use in all electrical installations. The device is equipped with a high-resolution display with day and night mode and offers several viewing angles that allow accurate readings in a variety of environments.

The shock-proof rugged housing provides protection during accidental drops and shields the sensitive interface – extending the product life span in real world conditions. Integrated magnets in test leads and housing facilitate quick ‘hands-free’ operation when needed.

Red Dot Design award for Voltcraft


Since you are here, you can also take a look at some of the other award-winning projects we have worked on in the Industrial sector.

We are delighted to announce that the Rollei Fotoliner Oceanpro backpack designed in collaboration with PDD has won a Red Dot award 2022 in the category of product design.

Rollei are leaders in photography, catering to professionals and photo enthusiasts around the world for over 110 years. As part of their strategy to adapt to the demand of environmental conscious professionals in the world of imagery, Rollei approached PDD looking to expand its range into high-end peripheral products: camera bags and accessories.

Functional and versatile, the PhotoLiner Ocean Pro optimizes ergonomics and high-end materials to support nature lovers as they picture our world. By using genuine and certified ocean plastics for most materials, the backpack also actively contributes to protect the nature photographers love to capture.

Determined to create a standout product in a very competitive category, the teams at Rollei and PDD set out to uncover the needs of environment-conscious photographers venturing outdoors. The result is a state-of-the-art camera backpack that accommodates the needs of professional photographers, whilst offering flexibility and a high degree of personalization – with easy-to-locate zippers, and flexible compartments.

Since you are here, take a look at some of the other award winning projects we have worked on in the Consumer sector.

We are very proud to share that the TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard designed in collaboration with PDD, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2022 in the category of Product Design.

A milestone on energy savings and security

TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard

With a reputation for smart and innovative power management systems, TrickleStar approached PDD as they were entering the highly competitive field of computer accessories. The Advanced Keyboard is a milestone product that dramatically improves the security aspects and limits power consumption in offices and workplaces.

Idle workstations represent both a security risk and an unnecessary waste of energy. TrickleStar’s innovative sensor technology reliably detects whether the person using the computer is there or not, and takes appropriate action.

TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard, designed in collaboration with PDD

Working in close collaboration with TrickleStar, the PDD team identified design elements to drive sustainable behaviours.

A clearly visible Sleep button encourages the operator to put the entire system – both computer and screen – to sleep.
Positioned at the back and to the side of the keyboard, the button is intuitive to use and self-explanatory. Even if the Sleep function is not activated, the keyboard automatically puts the system to sleep according to the time of absence selected.

The keyboard increases security, preventing sensitive data from being left on display on people’s screens. Extensive tests also show impressive energy savings, meeting the needs of energy-conscious enterprises around the world.

Since you are here, you can also take a look at some of the other award-winning projects we have worked on in the Consumer sector.

We were delighted to see the Philips Water Dispenser win at this year’s Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the category of Product Design, one of world’s most recognised and sought-after seals of quality for good design.

With modern, contemporary aesthetics and high-tech features, the Philips Water Dispenser conveys the advantages of its revolutionary filtration system through an innovative user experience.

The Red Dot judges recognised a clean design that clearly communicates the functionality of the device, its ease of use and intuitive operation.

Red Dot is the latest accolade for this award-winning design, which was also recognised at the DFA Design for Asia Awards as an example of design that embodies Asian aesthetics and culture, and influence design trends in the region.

Congratulations to all the teams involved!

We are delighted to announce that Olav’s Chefmesser has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award as an outstanding example of Product Design. Red Dot recognises designs of outstanding quality, which are aesthetically appealing, functional, smart and innovative.

Das Chefmesser, an innovative Chef Knife, is the latest in a series of collaborations between PDD and Olav – a visionary German startup that is transforming the market for cookware in Europe and beyond.

When it comes to cooking, there is hardly a more crucial product than a Chef’s knife – a tool that gives chefs immediate feedback and becomes a conduit for creative expression. The PDD team worked closely with Olav to translate their ambition for the category into an award-winning product.

From the carefully selected steel alloy and a choice of fine woods, to the shape and finishing of the blade, the Olav’s Chefmesser reflects the brands commitment to providing a high-quality experience.

Working across our studios in Europe and Asia, PDD created the design concept, the visual brand language and ergonomics, and oversaw the production in collaboration with some of the world’s leading knife manufacturers in Solingen, Germany. The result is a perfectly balanced tool that delights chefs and cooks all over the world.

OLAV Chefmesser founders Christina and Tili
OLAV founders Christina and Till

Congratulations to founders Christina and Till, the entire team at Olav and our team at PDD for this well-deserved win!

Take a look at some of the other award winning projects PDD has worked on in the consumer sector.

Over a year ago,  Multitone EkoTek system won the Best Communication System Award within the Building Better Healthcare ceremony. Since then, the product has attracted a lot of positive customer feedback.  Multitone recently released a video illustrating how the product provides wireless protection for staff members operating in challenging work environments.

The PDD team was asked to produce a system that is both reliable and user-friendly and within a branding format that is suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial-commercial settings.

Keeping a human-centred approach to innovation in mind, the PDD team visited a hospital, a lifeboat station and a power station in order to understand the usability of this product within real-life working scenarios. During the product development process, PDD made sure that Multitone EkoTek can easily be operated by ‘blind’ and glove users, while also assuring the product is submersible and impact-proof.

The end result was well-received on the market and its ability to cover any faulty communications is now being used across multiple disciplines within the healthcare and industrial sectors. Multitone EkoTek’s compact and reliable design facilitates staffs’ usage and features anti-bacterial properties, but can also be easily cleaned under the tap with disinfectants.

PDD’s client, eMagin Corporation, is a leader in OLED Micro Displays and is a company at the forefront of the virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) revolution. eMagin has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Digital Imaging product category for PDD-designed BlazeSpark™. The innovative product offers the most advanced NIR night vision technology for consumers.

BlazeSpark™ will allow consumers to see clear, high-resolution images in the dark by inserting their Android™ mobile phone into a revolutionary case that displays what the night vision sensor is seeing. A BlazeSpark™ app can be downloaded from Google Play™, which will allow users to share their experience worldwide, record, chat and live stream content within the BlazeSpark™ network or to other social media sites.

Karsten Fischer, CEO of PDD, said “It is very exciting that a PDD designed product has been recognised for its outstanding design and engineering in the cutting edge consumer electronics sector. A great start to 2017…..”

Kenneth “Kip” Kokinakis, President of eMagin’s HMD Group, said “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this prestigious honour by CES, the world’s launching pad for new innovation and technology products for consumers. This award represents the hard work and dedication that our talented team has put into designing next-generation technology products.”

BlazeSpark™ will be on display and available for demonstration at CES, booth #42960 at the Sands Exhibition Area. eMagin will also be teaming up with Steve Gonsalves from hit show Ghost Hunters. Mr Gonsalves will be available for photos and a chat.

PDD’s Oliver Breit (Managing Director Asia) will be attending CES. If you would like to arrange a meeting during the event, please contact Oliver on:

t. 020 8735 1111

To learn more about this project, click here for the Blazespark case study.

This year’s event will take place from 5th – 8th January 2017. To find out more please visit the official CES website.

To find out more about Blazespark™ visit:

The Hozelock Cloud Controller smart garden watering system has picked up its third major award since its recent launch, receiving the Garden Product of the Year Award 2016 from Chelsea Flower Show organisers The Royal Horticultural Society.

Given top marks for originality, ingenuity, value for money and sustainability, the Cloud Controller was selected from 12 new products to win this prestigious award presented by Dragon’s Den investor Deborah Meaden and RHS Director General Sue Biggs. This follows earlier awards for Best New Product in the Garden Retail Awards and the winner of the New Product Award for Best Garden Care at GLEE, the UK’s premier garden trade exhibition.

The Cloud Controller, designed by Hozelock and PDD, and supported by Tangent 90 app and web developers, gives gardeners sophisticated control over their garden watering schedules, enabling them to water their garden from anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use smartphone app. Providing information about weather and conditions at home, users can set and adapt multiple watering times and durations, using less water and safeguarding the health of their plants.

Hozelock selected PDD as a trusted partner from several companies to help it explore, design and implement the end-to-end Cloud system. Integrating various technologies to make it easy to use, the system comprises mobile apps, a web server, ethernet hub and a wireless battery-powered valve. With the launch of the Cloud Controller to widespread acclaim, PDD is delighted to have helped Hozelock to be leading the market in connected gardens.

If you would like to learn more about this project or PDD services, please contact Graham Lacy on: 

t. +44 20 8735 1111

It’s been a great start to 2016. The first quarter is not yet over and already PDD has 3 new prestigious design awards to its name. PDD’s work with the health & personal care brand Swisslux and the Zyliss kitchenware brand has been awarded with Red Dot design awards. This was followed by a German Design Award for the Testo 870 Thermal Imager.

It is great to see that our design work is recognised through these global design awards. More importantly though, our customers benefit from the associated PR boost. Consumers embrace the award endorsement of products leading to more sales, says PDD’s CEO Karsten Fischer.

It’s fantastic to have our efforts recognised across healthcare, consumer and industrial sectors. We look forward to new challenges and projects in the months to come in what is sure to be an exciting and productive year.

If you would like to learn more about these projects, PDD and the services we offer contact:

t. +44 (0)20 8735 1111

We’re proud to announce that this month, the PDD designed T870 Thermo Imaging Camera, won the 2016 German Design Award.

The robust and user-friendly tool can withstand everyday usage with ease, particularly in the tough work environment of construction sites. Testo 870 is also the lightest thermos imaging camera in its class and features intuitive operation that requires no special prior knowledge. A camera designed to offer smooth operation and high functionality provides users with a focus-free lens highlighting ‘Testo SuperResolution-Technology,’ and an integrated digital camera – resulting in a high-quality, state-of-the-art device.

Our Managing Director of Asia, Oliver Breit, said “Testo and PDD have been working together since 2000; the success of the T870 is testament to the strength of our relationship and collaborative approach taken to the development of market leading industrial tools.”

Find out more about the German Design Award

If you would like to learn more about this project, PDD and the services we offer contact Oliver on:

t. +852 2997 6151

That time of year has come again for ‘The Plastics Industry Awards 2014’. Every year it recognises the best that the UK plastics industry has to offer with 17 categories ranging from ‘Processor of the Year’ to ‘Apprentice of the Year’. PDD  is a previous winner of ‘Industrial Product Design of the Year’ award, but this year I was lucky enough to be invited along as a finalist.

This year’s event was held at the London Hilton Park Lane with 800 guests attending. The evening began with a champagne reception and meal which gave everyone the opportunity to speak with fellow finalists and individuals from across the industry.

The awards themselves were presented by comedian Al Murray (aka The Pub Landlord) who despite admitting to knowing next to nothing about the industry or the awards performed a hilarious table by table interview with few escaping.

The evening went off without a hitch, even though the autocue decided to turn off midway through the opening speeches and I was honoured to receive the ‘Young Designer of the Year Award’. Click here to see the list of other winners from the evening.

Tom Hamilton holding his award. Image credit: Plastics Industry Awards

The project ‘Zebro’ that I won the award for was part of my final year project while at Loughborough University studying Industrial Design.

Featured image and above image credit: Tom Hamilton

Zebro is an emergency trauma splint. It is fast and effective at immobilising any leg injury, aiding in getting that person to safety. It incorporates new technology and materials not exploited in this field before.

The product works by wrapping the Polypropylene plastic shell around the casualty’s leg, forming a high strength cylinder that surrounds and immobilises the injury. The shell is then held in place by an innovative system that consists of Dyneema cable that is tightened through the ratchet dials, one on each half of the splint. The dial is a two part, lightweight mechanism that has a tightening and release function enabled by a two stage snap fit design. The straps interlock as they pass over the leg ensuring that they stay inline and maintain an even tension along the length of the leg, individual straps can be unclipped to relieve tension on certain areas if needed.

The top half of the splint and the bottom half of the splint can be used separately for more localised injuries or both halves can be used in conjunction to splint the whole leg. The whole product is radio-transparent and therefore can be left on the patient whilst they are having a CT or MRI scan, therefore reducing the risk of unnecessary injury if the leg is un-splinted too early.

As the product can unroll and lay flat it can be clipped onto the outside or underneath the straps of the rescuers backpack using the back strap. The product weighs less than 1kg making it the lightest re-useable splint on the market. These features ensure the splint is easy to transport to the casualty even if they are in a remote location.

For more images visit:

Started in 1985, Design Innovation in Plastics is now the longest running student plastics design award in Europe. It’s an opportunity for design students to make a name for themselves, but also for universities to raise their profile as institutes of excellence in this field.

One of the award winners is given the opportunity to work here at PDD on a two week placement and learn the tricks of the trade. An award like this not only gives the winning students a monetary prize, but also the opportunity to gain extremely valuable experience. In my somewhat biased opinion, I think this award is a fantastic way of motivating a younger generation to get really passionate and involved with design.

The aims of the award, as stated on the official website are:

To encourage students to recognise that plastics are a key design material of the 21st century.

To maintain the continued growth of the UK plastics industry based on design innovation.

To involve all sectors of the UK plastics industry in the education and the employment of young industrial designers.

To raise the overall importance of innovative plastics design through media and professional awareness.

To enable design students to have direct access to established UK plastics industry professionals for consultative and career discussions.

Naturally, competition is high. 274 students registered for the award and after a rigorous process, 6 were eventually shortlisted.

Our very own designer, James Steiner was amongst the judges given the difficult task of witling down the 6 shortlisted candidates into the 3 winners. The students each had a set time to provide a Dragon’s Den style presentation followed by a Q&A with the judges. The judges had to rank the designs from 1 – 10 on a set of criteria which included: originality, quality, addressing the brief, communication and consideration of costs.

James had the following to say about this year’s event:

“All the students did a very good job in addressing the brief; which was to design something that had a universal appeal as well as be aimed for those with physical or cognitive impairments. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the students managed to cater for both. The standard was very high. The students this year also brought in fully functioning prototypes that we were able to play around with which was great and allowed us to see their designs at work”.

The winners were…


Jamie Mansfield, Furniture & Product Design Year 2, Nottingham Trent University
Flexible Flat-Pack Clothing Hanger, a clothes hanger with flexible arms that collapse and spring back allowing the user to attach clothing via the neck without taking the hanger from the rail or undoing buttons. This is a completely original plastics product that uses an integral mechanism not seen before. Jamie has already applied for a patent and wins £1000 plus a placement at BMS in Leverkusen, Germany.

Featured and above image credit: Philip Tull/Bayer MaterialScience


Rowan Williams, Industrial Design & Technology Year 3, Loughborough University
Pego, a kitchen aid that is free of the visual aesthetics of current disability products, providing grip and stability for food preparation, incorporating kitchen knives and weighing scales. Rowan has applied for a Patent and wins £500 plus a placement DePuy in Leeds.

Image credit: Philip Tull/Bayer MaterialScience


Oliver Brunt, Design for Industry Year 2, Northumbria University
Sense See Remember, an organisational memory aid based on a series of textured and coloured adhesive tabs to use as prompts in place of expensive electronic devices. Oliver wins £250 and a placement here at PDD. We’re looking forward to Oliver joining us!

Image credit: Oliver Brunt

The standard of designs this year was remarkable, and PDD is already excited to see what great innovations the students produce next year with the theme of ‘Saving Lives – Design for Disaster Relief’. And who knows, they may just inspire you too.