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New Kitchen trends from Ambiente 2013


on March 14 2013

Ambiente provides new kitchen inspiration every year. While the trend for vivid colour bursts was seen throughout the show by all the major exhibitors, only a few refreshing colour schemes stood out and contrasted with the rest of the products. In this post we take a look at the unique use of colour and texture that caught our eyes and collect some of our thoughts and insights into upcoming kitchen trends.

Image credit: Pantone, featured image credit: PDD


Emerald Green
Pantone once again set the trend ahead with their pantone colour of the year: Emerald Green (17-5641). Released at the beginning of 2013, Pantone displayed various applications of the colour on many different products; “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” – This exciting colour of the year is anticipated to make an impact towards fashion and product trends.
Most importantly we appreciated how Pantone effectively emphasised the use of colour in their display and set themselves apart from other exhibitors. Clever use of colour and balance with products was rewarded with much visitor admiration.
Image credit: PDD

Matt finishes

As shown in the image above, whilst matt finishes are already been utilised in nail polishes, it is now also being explored by many brands who are applying them to kitchen tools and appliances. The matt finishes, when applied correctly through quality manufacturing, can add higher perceived value and a luxury sensation to products.

Image credit: PDD

Adding a touch of nature

When eco and green aspects linger in our life they became part of the norm. The trend for materials incorporating a touch of nature such as wood and bamboo finishes remained strong throughout the show and will continue to be for future kitchen products. We love the execution of these sparkling water machines (Soda Stream) with the mix of ceramics and wood. Not only does the shape enhance the pattern, but the combination of different materials creates soothing effects for the product.

Image credit: 3.bp.blogspot

Pastel done right
When mentioning pastels it really takes a sparse colour change to build or kill a product. Darker pastel colours mixed with lighter shades within the same hue provide a refreshing new experience for the kitchen products. We’ve seen it at Guzzini and a few other trend-setters at Ambiente 2013, all applying pastel to their new line of products. This colour combination is anticipated to be a high-end execution for 2013.
Our summary from Ambiente is that companies are starting to use vibrant colours and finishes, in more sophisticated ways to exude luxury within their products. As our team continues to think about these kitchen trends and pull together more insights, stay tuned for further posts!