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Nice design and stuff.


on July 5 2011

Today’s Nice Design And Stuff is a medley of design, graphic art and leaping bunnies. I’ve really tried not to make this a shopping list for my husband, and to be honest I think most of it will be too expensive anyway, so perhaps this is for a millionaire do-gooder instead. Hello you!

Corner Light by Peter Bristol for Established & Sons (Image above)

Oh, we are in love. Peter Bristol has an eclectic portfolio of work, from a mouse for Microsoft to interior workplace design, but his Corner Light for Established & Sons is absolutely my favourite. If you’ve read my previous ‘Nice design and stuff’ posts then you know I’m a big fan of simple and clean geometric shapes; stick a light bulb in it and I am sold.

Colour Trend Visualizations by Arthur Buxton

If you take away all formals elements of a magazine covers what do you get? Well, Arthur Buxton did just that and created the above, a catalogue of colours featured on the Vogue front pages between 2001 and 2011. He didn’t stop there either,  check  out Designboom’s ‘DIY submissions’  entry for more examples of his colour trend analysis of renowned artists.

Bejewelled broom by Susan Collis

Whilst this collection isn’t her latest, I was recently reminded of just how beautiful Susan Collis’ work is at the Wellcome Collection’s current exhibition Dirt (which I very much recommend going to visit, but we’ll talk more about that another time J ). At first glance the broom, table and shirt look dirty and covered in paint, but look closer and you see that it is in fact delicately inlaid opals, turquoise, garnets, seed pearls, mother of pearl, black diamonds, white diamonds, fresh water pearls, coral, black onyx, marcasite…

I wish my desk was made of opals.

The history of  science  fictions infographic by Ward Shelley

When you  claim  to be obsessed by something, a common fear is that someone will one day ask you a tricky mastermind-style question, something that will unfairly depict you as an amateur and not the true die-hard you claim to be. Thanks to Ward Shelley I will now be able to walk into any science fiction conversation confidently and maintain my geeky obsession. For the whole infographic and more lovely info check out Fast Co. Design.

Jumping rabbits

I know that this isn’t exactly ‘Nice Design’ but I think it legitimately fits under ‘And Stuff’, so here for your enjoyment are the jumping rabbits. ‘Originally a Scandinavian sport, each competing rabbit hops over a variety of miniature sized jumps, and each rabbit is scored based on how many jumps they clear… the world record for the highest bunny jump is 99.5cm’  Via Stylist

Enjoy your week folks!