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Observations in Personal Care part 1: Adding Performance


on June 14 2012

Changes in the emerging markets, shifts in global consumerism and our insatiable desire to look and feel our best makes the personal care sector a very interesting place to be. We have identified some key trends and themes that are impacting the way we’re going to buy and apply personal care products in the future.

The cosmetics and skincare market has maintained steady growth in challenging times. What are brands doing to give their products the ‘X Factor’?

We are living in challenging financial times and brands are on high-alert, delivering bigger, better and more impactful products. The personal care industry has so far held its own whilst other industries have suffered.

Personal care appears high on the agendas of women with men also getting in on the act, buying into skin care and moisturising. Cosmetics continue to hold appeal, with the lines between fashion and cosmetics becoming blurred, meaning an increased product range turnover to mirror the changing seasons of the fashion industry.

Many consumers have unwavering dedication to products and formulations, seeing beauty as a lifelong pursuit. The last 10 years have seen many brands playing on science as a motivator for consumer reassurance. Now brands are going one step further, bringing the professionals to the dressing table via dynamic applicators to enhance the cosmetic experience.

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Consumers are being increasingly selective when buying new products, making personal care brands work harder to catch consumers’ attention. L’Oreal has been a key innovator when it comes to ‘packaging +’ concepts in the cosmetics and skin care area. Control, dispense, feeling and movement and user experience are considered by dynamic new applicators – delivering formulations and cosmetics as the professionals intended them to be.

Foundation rollers, specially developed spray mists for tan, dispensary heads with contouring capabilities and gel roll-ons are all adding another facet and increased value to the cosmetic and skin care experience. These skin care and cosmetics ‘mega products’ are bridging the gap between mass-market and professional results, by remotely adding guidance and performance.

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As consumers are expecting to achieve great results from their skin care products through correct dosage and application, how can personal care brands step closer to providing their consumers with greater professional results and experiences?

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