Part 1: Thoughts and photos from the Geneva Motor Show 2012 | PDD

Part 1: Thoughts and photos from the Geneva Motor Show 2012


on March 12 2012

Tristram Keech, Principal – Industrial Design and Matt Candy, Senior Consultant – Technical Design, popped along to the Geneva Motor Show this month and have returned full of thoughts and photos. Far too many for one blog post, so this has now become a series of two. And this is the first.

Back to Small

Expanding functions come at a cost. Small cars have accommodated features as standard that increase the size, and hence, the mass of the car. These days a basic car has more chance of remaining small and fuel efficient. The VW UP sets the scene.

Brand extension gone bad

It seems many manufacturers want to  access  every part of the market. As this Bently SUV illustrates. A stretch too far?

New Language

There is, it appears, a new langauge for car Top Trumps. A language that is not yet standardised, prioritised or understood. A hundred years of motoring has given us things like:

0-60 mph

Top speed in mph or kph

Engine size in litres or cubic inches

Miles per gallon

A hundred years and these units are still not standardised or necessarily relevent. Now manufacturers are issuing data about range, pollution, charging times etc. Consumers are faced with a bewildering set of data in different units, which makes comparing different technologies extremely difficult. The small ads for second hand cars will make interesting reading in a few years time.

Rebirth of an 80’s Classic

Has Honda’s launch of the NSX concept just won them the title ‘beautiful, fast car’ before Jaguar can get their CX75 into production? Like the Jag, it will have a hybrid  powertrain but will its clear departure from the simple aesthetic of the original attract the sales?

Good news Top Gear watchers

The Dacia Lodgy was at the show

Eveyone is plugged in

So there you have it. The second post in this series will come soon.