PDD partners with SSG to develop Acelo | PDD

PDD partners with SSG to develop Acelo


on December 7 2023

PDD partners with SSG to develop Acelo – a breakthrough in healthcare communications

PDD has collaborated with SSG, a leader in smart healthcare communications, to develop Acelo, an innovative nurse call system that supports healthcare professionals and improves the patient experience in hospitals and clinical settings.

Designed to meet the pressing needs of modern healthcare environments, Acelo sets a new standard in patient care, providing high-quality patient-nurse communication, touch-button assistance and reassurance, and improved workflows to maximise staff efficiency.

PDD worked closely with SSG to develop a suite of products – including staff and patient panels, patient hand unit and room status indicator – and defined the design DNA across the range.

Through a deep understanding of the needs of patients and nurses, cleaners, service staff and installation and maintenance teams, Acelo delivers an exceptional experience for all.

Acelo SSG

A clear and consistent UI offers intuitive interactions for patients and healthcare professionals in high-pressure situations. With a focus on ergonomics, all touchpoints, handling, and interactions are comfortable and provide appropriate feedback and reassurance for users. Acelo is designed to blend in with the environment when not in use.

When it comes to installation and maintenance, Acelo offers unparalleled flexibility, Hospitals can tailor the system’s functionality to their requirements (via custom button arrays) and incorporate additional devices as their needs change. A simple, intuitive ‘clip & lock’ system optimises the reliability of the installation, streamlining the training for subcontractors and reducing costs. The system also allows SSG to support remote installations abroad, opening new markets and opportunities to partner with hospitals worldwide.

Conceived at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams at PDD engineered Acelo for resilience to withstand impacts, misuse, and rigorous cleaning cycles without compromising functionality or accessibility.

Jon Mason, Director – Product Design Engineering at PDD says,

“When we were first approached by SSG about this project, we immediately saw its potential to enhance the patient experience in hospitals.

Keeping the needs of patients and staff central to the project, we focused on miniaturisation, simplified installation, flexibility of functionality and reliability. We followed a multi-disciplinary approach that combined human-centred design with rigorous engineering and testing. Through careful material selection, engineering development, FEA simulation, physical prototype testing and specification for manufacture, we developed a system that balances usability and aesthetics with robust engineering and performance.’’

SSG’s Commercial Director, Gareth Walsh, adds,

“The timing for the launch of Acelo could not be better. Around the world, there are now seemingly unsurmountable pressures on hospital systems and staff that demand radical thinking and new technological solutions. Acelo delivers immediately deployable, state-of-the-art, resilient, communications technology to instantly reduce inefficiencies in hospital working practices to release staff time, while improving patient care and satisfaction.’’

Acelo was first launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Images courtesy of SSG