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PDD partners with SSG to develop Acelo

PDD has collaborated with SSG, a leader in smart healthcare communications, to develop Acelo, an innovative nurse call system that supports healthcare professionals and improves the patient experience in hospitals and clinical settings.

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The OLAV Chefmesser wins a Red Dot Award

We are delighted to announce that Olav’s Chefmesser has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award as an outstanding example of Product Design. Das Chefmesser, an innovative Chef Knife, is the latest in a series of collaborations between PDD and Olav – a visionary German startup that is transforming the market for cookware in Europe and beyond.

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Healthcare Innovation – Managing Risk in a Remote World

As medical innovators we all want to support the design of safe and usable medical devices. Yet, in a healthcare environment that is going through fast, unprecedented change, where standard tools and processes are harder to apply, that aim is not without challenge.

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Human Factors – more than simulated use

Advances in medical technology are opening up new possibilities within the health care domain.

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Management of evaluations: Patients with ‘sensitive’ medical conditions

Conducting any kind of patient-centric evaluation can present numerous challenges; preparing for and conducting evaluation sessions with patients suffering from sensitive and changeable conditions (such as Alzheimer’s) can present even more complex challenges, as we found out on a study we conducted in the past year.

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