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PDD’s 12 gifts of Christmas


on December 13 2011

Here at PDD we’re a pretty diverse lot and of course we’ve got quite particular tastes. So naturally, to celebrate the 12 days of  Christmas  we’ve put together a list of our dream gifts and why they would mean so much to us…pretty please Santa!

Featured image  credit : http://atwopipeproblem.blogspot.com

Our lovely blog maestro and marketing  master  Susie Quddus:

Image credit:  www.ostreet.co.uk/gsa-letterpress-studio

“I’m a bit of a type geek so I’d like my own letter press studio with type blocks.”

Blog editor and trends aficionado Milly Roberts:

Image credit: www.allmarksweets.co.uk

“I spend all year looking at wonderful things in the design world, and every time I not-so-subtly send a link to my husband indicating the things I like. But as usual, it gets to the Christmas period; I forget everything I’ve seen, he has lost all the links I sent and “what do you want for Christmas?” becomes a dreaded  question . Usually we end up buying something together. Book tokens are always a winner, I would rather that than something plastic and silly that I will feel guilty about throwing away. I still have a romantic notion that a present is best when it is a surprise. I go to long lengths to keep my husband in the dark about what he is getting… so N, I know you are reading this, there is no way you are going to find out what it is here!”

Principal of Design & Innovation, Oliver Stokes:

Image credit: Porsche

Image credit: Porsche

“Hi Santa,

If you got my letter this year and there is room in your sleigh I would love if you could drop off an original Porsche 356a speedster outside my house!

It is my all-time favourite car, the first ever model to bear the Porsche name and contains the DNA to the epic 911 dynasty – just a beautiful, indulgent form with great handling and performance for its time (circa 1955).

Ah,  I can see it now, cruising along Big Sur (Highway 1 in CA)… Amazing!”

Our on-the-go Creative Director Jamie Buckley:

Image credit: Wacom

“I sketch and take notes everyday whether in the studio, at a meeting or at home so to instantly digitalise these would be very helpful! The Wacom Inking product says it can do just that, although has been out of stock for the past 6 months! it may not change my world however the anticipation is killing me!”

Ms. Visuals, Graphic Designer Deborah Carter:

Image credit: Flickr

“It’s not so much a thing, more an experience. Never really growing out of the ‘I love horses’ phase girls often go through, it is still my dream to ride a quarter horse and be a cowgirl out in the Wild West.”

Our anonymous Senior Design Consultant:

Image credit: Nixon

“So my one is the “time teller” Nixon watch. The difficulty with watches (and many other products) is that there is little choice in the designs. Yes, there are a million watches out there, but many can be bundled in to a small handful of categories – diver, dress watch, digital, etc. and they all look essentially the same? I like this watch because it doesn’t seem to fit in to a particular category and unusual choice of colours. I even bought it, it’s that nice.”

PDD’s Industrial Design Intern, David Riley:

Image credit: Photojojo

“I would like a rubber band and a convex lense; a fantastically simple idea that will transform any smartphone’s photos from ‘meh’ to ‘awesome’ and all for $15! The perfect stocking filler.”

PDD’s Design Insight Intern, Christian Halstead:

Image credit: Rolex

“I’ve never been a big fan of Rolex to be honest, but this limited edition Project X ‘Submariner Stealth MK IV’ is pretty damn cool. I like the matt black, carbon coated case and it’s raw features. The 10k price tag is a little over the top though.”

The one that keeps us together, Office Manager Jamie-Lee Kelly:

Image credit: eBay

“I’ve decided 2012 is all about bettering myself and learning new skills, as such I have asked Santa for a Sewing Machine so I can learn whilst being creative! My only real specification is something vintage (as above) because, really, what more could you need for inspiration?”

Fashion lover, blogger & Design Insight consultant, Rosie Brodhurst-Hooper:

Image credit: Rizzoli

“I’m shamefully one of those people that have a bursting bookshelf full of books with only pictures in them. This monster Dior book shot entirely by Patrick Demarchelier would fit in just nicely (if I moved some other bits around).”

PDD’s go to pictures man & designer and researcher, James Steiner:

Image credit: James Steiner

“I have always wanted a 2006 Super Normal air conditioner by Jasper Morrison. However they were only available in Japan. So when I found out that I was travelling to Japan this summer for work, I thought the day had finally come when I could lay my hands on one. Sadly though, to my disappointment, I discovered that it has been value engineered to this L.”

And last but not least, PDD Senior Design Consultant, Ollie Moore:

Image credit: Bolin Webb

“A Bolin Webb Razor – I want one of these…a Razor!

Just because……they’re the coolest damn razors I’ve seen!”

Let us know what you want for xmas this year via twitter, @PDDinnovation#xmaswishlist