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Zephyr Plus Ventilator recognised with the C2I Award for Covid-19 response.

We are delighted to see the Zephyr Plus Ventilator recognised with the C2I award for COVID-19 Response by The Engineer magazine.
Led by Babcock International Group in response to the UK Government’s ventilator challenge in the early days of the pandemic, this was a highly collaborative project where PDD and over 50 partners and suppliers worked together to find the most appropriate solution.

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Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 wins at DFA Design For Asia Awards

We are proud to announce that the Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 has won a Merit at DFA Design for Asia Awards. The awards recognise designs that embody Asian aesthetics and culture, and influence design trends in the region.

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FEA: A tool to manage risk in product innovation

Despite its many advantages, FEA is little known within parts of the design world and even less understood outside the industry. A quick dive into the subject is worthwhile for anyone with an interest in product design

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The benefits of using Computational Fluid Dynamics as a tool for innovation

Alex Hanson discusses the benefits of using PDD’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages as a powerful tool for creativity and exploration throughout the design process.

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‘Just around the Vend’ – Human Factors and Usability of Vending Machines

As a human factors and usability consultant I talk about usability a lot, unfortunately – but also understandably – most people do not share my enthusiasm; that is, until I apply it to something they find absolutely infuriating. This can range from tin openers to a local council website, whatever it may be it puts the problem in context. There’s one particular product that I find most people have a problem with, a product that irritates me so much that I will join in any conversation involving it. Admittedly there aren’t very many of these conversations, but they’re almost always focused on the criticism of usability; let’s see if you agree.

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3D Printing – Hype or Ripe?

It seems you can’t open a tech magazine these days without some mention of 3D printing. But is it all hype or has the technology really developed into something that will transform the lives of designers, manufacturers and consumers?

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Frank Height: Inspiring generations

We received the sad news on 28th July that Frank Height had passed away. Frank was Professor of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, London until 1986 and founder of the pioneering Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) course from which at least 20 PDD staff graduated over the years and became inspired into their current careers.

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The link between ethnographic research, human factors engineering and risk management in injection device development

Last week I spoke at the Injectable Drug Delivery International Conference on the essential link between ethnographic research, human factors engineering and risk management in injection device development, a subject close to my heart. We come across many medical companies that engage in ‘over the fence R&D’, a process that can, and does, lead to gaps in device development.

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