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on April 11 2011

Nostalgic design getting serious.

It’s unsurprising that in a time where every other article is about deficits, cuts and generally glum news that design takes this into account, following suit and stripping back accordingly.

The rich feeling of nostalgia associated with home wares has been in full force over the past couple of years. The saccharine sweetness of Cath Kidston and ‘shabby chic’ eBay searches, has kitsched-up many a UK kitchen, creating rooms of post-feminist irony.

Of course, nostalgia evokes a warm, cuddly and soothing  route  of escapism, a reflection of emotional desires for the home space for many. With war-time comparisons being made left, right and centre (similarities in economic climate, The Kings Speech, Downton Abbey etc.) the Americanised vibrant style of kitchenware in particular is losing favour to more utilitarian receptacles and accessories.

Image above taken at the Severn Valleys Railway 1940’s event

Jugs, mixing bowls, jars and tins sparsely filled the ration effected 1940’s kitchen – with hard wearing reliability being a top priority for the women servicing them.

In a more focused and explicit nod to British history, examples of this type of minimal utilitarian design are helping shape premium kitchens. Labour & Wait, the East-End based home wares store has a broad range of historical reproductions; giving inspiration to the Conran owned Albion Café on Redchurch Street.

Image by http://www.albioncaff.co.uk

Labour and Wait Pie Tin £8. Image by http://labourandwait.co.uk

Porcelain Storage Jars from £9.95. Image by www.grahamandgreen.co.uk

Dishwashing Brushes, £2. Image by www.re-foundobjects.com

Mixing Bowls £26. Image by www.re-foundobjects.com

Slom Jar with Lid 91p, Ikea. Image by ikea