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Design for Repair: Driving more sustainable behaviours

Electrical waste (e-waste) continues to be a growing problem globally and is estimated to increase by at least 2 million tonnes per year, to reach 120 million tonnes by 2050 if both manufactures and consumers fail to take action. In July 2021, the UK Government put into force a new ecodesign requirement for electrical products sold in […]

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The Voltcraft VC 891 wins a Red Dot award 2023

We are very proud to announce that the Voltcraft VC 891, designed in collaboration with Conrad Electronic, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2023 in the category of Product Design.

Recognised by the jury for its high standards of functionality and quality, the design delivers precision, reliability and ruggedness in a high-voltage environment and a seamless user experience in a context where safety always comes first.

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How the Future of E-commerce is Driving New Packaging Experiences

Evolving shopping habits of consumers has led to the steady rise in e-commerce. Over the last two years, however, as consumers who previous had little or no engagement with online shopping were forced into new behaviours, the adoption of e-commerce accelerated beyond all expectations, with many of those who have embraced online shopping not wishing to turn back.

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OLAV wins German Design Award 2021

OLAV wins German Design Award We are delighted to announce that our work with OLAV, the German-Austrian cookware startup, has been recognized by the German Design Award committee for outstanding design. The German Design Award honours innovative, pioneering products in international design. OLAV, with a vision to rethink cooking by putting people first and their […]

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Severin SPUMA 700 Plus wins Red Dot for outstanding design quality

The Red Dot jury has made its decision: Severin SPUMA 700 Plus emerged victorious from the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 and won a Red Dot for its good design quality.

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