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PDD and Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, today jointly announced that they will be launching an online learning programme on Design Thinking later this year.
Established over 21 years ago, Skillsoft is an educational technology company with more than 140 million users from 160 countries that produces learning management system software for global organisations. 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies engage Skillsoft for their training needs.

Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation Training on Design Thinking is based on an extensive video-based online learning programme designed by PDD. The programme is helping individuals prepare their workforces for imminent changes in the digital economy by making sure that digital innovation is implemented at every level within an organisation.

If you would like more details about our new partnership with Skillsoft, please get in touch with us.

In early January we asked people on our mailing list to let us know which topic they’d like see in a Human-Centred Design workshop from the list below.

  • Beyond Brainstorming (methods for ideation as well as communicating ideas)
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
  • Ethnographic Research (methods for conducting ethnographic research and translating insights into tangible solutions)
  • Participatory Research (methods for actively involving people in the design of concepts/products/services)
  • HCD and Business Model Generation – how HCD complements business model development


The results are now in!

The most popular topic, nominated by two-thirds of respondents, was Participatory Design.

We’ll aim for having a Participatory Design workshop (focusing on methods for actively involving people in the design process) by the end of the year. Although, there were several alternative topics that people suggested that caught our eye, including Minimum Viable Product, Stakeholder Engagement with the Public Sector, and Foresight and Anticipation of Future Consumer Needs. So, watch out, we might pick one of them!

As a thanks for their feedback, we entered the respondents into a draw to win a free space on one of our Foundations of HCD for Innovation courses.

Dave Furley, our newest UX consultant and hand model, draws the lucky winner.

And the lucky winner is Dr. Terry Parlett, Head of IP and Commercial Research at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Congratulations!

“Drink some coffee and hammer up some drywall!” That’s what we did on the day before we opened up our pop-up space (three times bigger than last year!) to welcome visitors at the London Design Festival 2013.

Featured and above image credits: PDD

Highlight 1  – Eye-catching window: Curious already?

Image credit: PDD

I can’t forget about our first visitor early on Monday morning when we were setting up for Tuesday opening day; curious, he came up to the window seemingly exploring our question, ‘How does culture impact design?’

Highlight 2 – Interactive Map: Just click!

Image credit: PDD

Showcasing alternative ways to present and package design research, our designers and researcher at PDD created the Interactive Beauty Map.

Highlight 3 – Wall of culture: How do you think culture impacts design?

Image credit: PDD

A space for our visitors to share their thoughts on culture in design.

Highlight 4 – Graffiti and culture: A tour around the world!

Image credit: PDD

A whistle-stop tour around the globe, taking a look at how culture impacts graffiti and street art in different regions.

Highlight 5 – HCD taster workshop: Where ideas fizzle and pop!

Image credit: PDD

Technique sharing and idea generation in the HCD workshop.

Highlight 6 – Drinks reception: Coming together for design!

Image credit: PDD

Just in case you missed out on our PDD pop-up, you can sign up for  Newsletters where you can find more in depth insights.

Please feel free to play and share our ‘PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013’ video below:PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

09_PDD in context

Interest in Human-Centred Design (HCD) – designing solutions driven by the needs, desires, and contexts of people – has been growing rapidly the past few years, with many clients asking if we can provide training.

PDD is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with LUMA Institute, the premier HCD educational organisation in the US, to bring Human-Centred Design Workshops to London.

This 2-day workshop will introduce participants to the discipline of Human-Centred Design and cover a wide range of HCD methods, from ethnography, to usability inspection methods, to rapid prototyping. It’s ideal for people who want learn more about HCD, those who want improve their skills, and those who want a clearer idea of how to integrate HCD into their organisation.

Through a dynamic mix of short lectures and hands-on activities you will learn methods that help:

•    Provide your teams with a repeatable way to innovate
•    Reduce overall development costs
•    Promote productive interdisciplinary collaboration
•    Tame the complexity of your products, services or policies

The workshop will be facilitated by 2 LUMA Institute instructors and 2 PDD practitioners (Heather McQuaid, Principal of Human Sciences and Interaction Design, and Maeve Keane, Principal of Design Insight). We are limiting the workshop to 16 participants to allow for an optimal balance between small group activities and more individual attention.

For more information visit

You can register your interest or  contact us  with any questions at or  +44 (0)20 8735 1111.

We hope you can join us for an intense, interactive and immersive workshop!



Breakfast & Sign-In: Meet and connect with other participants

• Opening Remarks
• Introductory  Exercise
• What is Human-Centered Design and Why is it Important?
• Introduction to Workshop Challenge

METHOD SET 1: Putting People First
• Stakeholder Mapping
• Ethnographic Research (Part 1)
• Ethnographic Research (Part 2)
• Rose, Bud, Thorn
• Affinity Clustering
• Review, Reflection & Wrap-Up


Breakfast & Sign-In: Meet and connect with other participants

METHOD SET 2: Usability Inspection

• Heuristic Review
• Affinity Clustering
• Importance/Difficulty Matrix

METHOD SET 3: Envisioning Possibilities
• Creative Matrix
• Visualize-the-Vote
• Storyboarding

METHOD SET 4: Rapid Iteration
• Rough and Ready Prototyping
• Usability Testing

Putting HCD Into Action

• Introduction to Method Cards
• Method Cards  Exercises
• Presentations & Group Discussion
• Wrap-Up & Feedback  Survey
• Post-Workshop Reception