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February 4 2015
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The focus of our Deep Dive Human-Centred Design workshop is…

In early January we asked people on our mailing list to let us know which topic they’d like see in a Human-Centred Design workshop from the list below.

  • Beyond Brainstorming (methods for ideation as well as communicating ideas)
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
  • Ethnographic Research (methods for conducting ethnographic research and translating insights into tangible solutions)
  • Participatory Research (methods for actively involving people in the design of concepts/products/services)
  • HCD and Business Model Generation – how HCD complements business model development


The results are now in!

The most popular topic, nominated by two-thirds of respondents, was Participatory Design.

We’ll aim for having a Participatory Design workshop (focusing on methods for actively involving people in the design process) by the end of the year. Although, there were several alternative topics that people suggested that caught our eye, including Minimum Viable Product, Stakeholder Engagement with the Public Sector, and Foresight and Anticipation of Future Consumer Needs. So, watch out, we might pick one of them!

As a thanks for their feedback, we entered the respondents into a draw to win a free space on one of our Foundations of HCD for Innovation courses.

Dave Furley, our newest UX consultant and hand model, draws the lucky winner.

And the lucky winner is Dr. Terry Parlett, Head of IP and Commercial Research at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Congratulations!

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