Ten most innovative products spotted at IFA 2019 | PDD

Ten most innovative products spotted at IFA 2019


on September 23 2019

September 4th, Berlin – the city was once again home to the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. PDD’s Creative Director, Jamie Buckley and Principal of Design, Marko Plevnik were there to meet current and future clients and see what companies and brands are talking about and launching in the not too distant future.

As well as the eagerly awaited launch of Samsung’s folding phone (re-release!), Sonos’s portable speaker, Braun LE series speakers and Panasonics transparent TV, Jamie and Marko have highlighted 10 of the most interesting experiences and products they came across on their travels…

Severin milk frother IFA 2019
  • Sony’s beautiful colourways and colour, material and finish compositions
Sony headphones IFA 2019
Electrolux dischwasher IFA 2019
  • Bosch vacuum sealer – store, sous vide, blend
Bosch vacuum sealer IFA 2019
  • Bosch concept washing machine
Bosch washing machine IFA 2019
  • LG solar panels and integrated energy storage
  • Vacuum blenders, everywhere!
Vacuum Blenders IFA 2019