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Top 5 takeaways from IFA

By Vass

on October 2 2014

IFA, Berlin – one of the biggest technology shows in the heart of Germany’s capital, sees thousands of people gathered to witness the latest products and innovations in consumer electronics and home appliances. Vass was at the show and describes here, 5 key home appliance products we could be seeing in people’s homes very soon.

Longer lasting freshness of ‘functional foods’
Consumers are more aware of their health and nutrition, food safety and quality, local economics and the environment more than ever before. As a result, ‘convenience’ focused consumers are looking to purchase large domestic appliances that maintain the freshness, taste and nutrition of fresh foods for longer periods of time. This fridge-freezer by Siemens has vacuum technology that does just that.

Noise reduction
A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) linked household noise levels emitted from dishwashers, hoovers, washing machines etc… to increased blood pressure and heart disease. The study suggests these everyday household appliances could be making us ill and according to WHO, the problem looks set to get worse due to the popularisation of open plan living spaces in homes. These home appliances by Bosch have been designed to have low noise admittance and thus go some way in solving these issues and improving people’s wellbeing.

Consumers are looking for appliances that are time savers, convenient to use and maintain a healthy environment at home. This cordless upright vacuum cleaner by Bosch can be used without being tied to a specific workplace or electrical outlet. Mobility is the main objective for this updated unit which was launched initially during last year’s IFA. One of its key features is that the user can remove the handle and foot sections easily. As well as the addition of a shoulder strap, the user can now carry the (wearable) vacuum cleaner and access hard to reach spots such as upholstery, plants, car interiors etc… This appliance offers maximum mobility and full performance in any environment.

Enhancing usability
Many modern small electrical appliances are still using the same technology and demanding the same patterns of interaction from consumers, but this award winning line from Severin, exhibited at IFA this year sets itself apart. The new drip coffee station combines features such as a removable water tank, combatting the difficulties often found in refilling integrated tanks; and easy to use interfaces, making it a clear step up from its previous models and the competition. In addition Severin has evolved its water kettle, with an electronically controlled water regulator and a toaster which includes a continuous browning adjustment.

Given their size and dominance in the room, large domestic appliances have spent years tucked away in kitchens behind cabinet doors and crammed into utility rooms. But we are starting to see ranges of appliances, such as these from Vestel which are demanding pride of place in the kitchen as ‘feature pieces’ rather than designed to have minimal visual impact.