Thirty years in business and still going strong

This is a  short video PDD put together to celebrate our thirty years in the business. Here’s to thirty more. PDD // 30 Years of Innovation from PDDInnovation on Vimeo.

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The second best thing after sliced bread? Milk bottle openers

On returning from my local corner shop with a bottle of milk, I laid out the tools required to formulate the perfect cup of tea: kettle-on, sugar-out, mug selected , tea bag dumped. Tea making has become so habitual, it’s something that’s assumed to be done with ease by all.

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Should airport scanning become more sensitive to cultural differences and basic human rights?

Because of what I do, I spend a lot of time thinking about cultural differences. Whilst travelling recently, a simple procedure at an airport challenged my perceptions of how “culturally-sensitive” I really am, and got me thinking about the interconnectedness of modesty, security, and human rights.

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Delivering better experiences: A trip to Kastrup

Both work and personal life regularly take me to Copenhagen’s principal airport, Kastrup. Unlike many airports, Kastrup is one of the few that I actually look forward to passing through, to the extent that on a number of occasions, I have actually tried my best to arrive early, just to spend more time there.

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