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Sent from the Studio (11.03.11)

It’s Friday. But you know that already. What you might not know is that Friday means that we share with you the links that get sent and shared here in the PDD studio. Enjoy!

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The Geneva Motor Show, 2011 – The Journey Continues…

Instead of commenting on what’s new and interesting, I prefer to simply download a few observations and thoughts that occurred whilst in Geneva this year. The Geneva show is typically where most of the Car Design Community agree to catch up and get a snapshot of where the world’s automakers are at this point in […]

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London Fashion Week A/W’11 – Textures & Prints

A/W ’11 is predominantly seen as the darker, more subdued season, calming down after a summer of outlandish dressing. But in a way only London Fashion Week could get away with, a subdivision of designers are turning their backs on the norm – probably as a result of this endless winter! This season saw a […]

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London Fashion Week A/W’11

Last week PDD was at London Fashion Week to see what the best of the British fashion world was showcasing for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collections. Catwalk fashion’ has a heavy influence on popular consumer culture, which is often reflected in how design trends manifest in the everyday products that we buy. While this influence can be […]

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Sent from the Studio (04.03.11)

Lots of links flew around the studio this week, here are a few… enjoy!

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Top 6 (and 2 not so good) products spotted at CES 2011

Our trusty design duo, Jamie Buckley and Tristram Keech, were our eyes and ears at this years CES, taking away some great thoughts, inspiration and pictures. Now we know CES was a little while ago, but as our blog has only just been launched we had to wait a little while to publish these gems.

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Sent from the Studio (25.02.11)

Lovely links of the week…

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CES 2011: The Great Future of TV and digital content debate rages on …

As we exited the registration hall at CES 2011, we were handed a hefty book called ‘Screen Future’. We were jet-lagging and very tempted to ‘recycle’ it quickly as we weren’t too keen to lug this heavy tome around with us. But by the end of the day we were glad we had hung onto our copies as the debate about ‘TV and the other screens in our lives’ was bubbling away furiously inside the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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Nice design and stuff

Every week I’ll be sharing some things that I think are interesting, beautiful, funny or just lovely, from the world of design, art and architecture. I will try not to make it too much of a personal wish list, but if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas…

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Snapshot: Interiors 2011

Last week I went up to Birmingham NEC to visit the Interior 2011 show. Firstly, it’s no Milan when it comes to looking at cutting edge trends in furniture , but that is not really the point of the show. Instead it is a chance for us, at PDD, to see how some of the trends we talk about are being rolled out into mainstream interior design.

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The things you find on the web

Today I was looking for information on trainers that have a pump in the tongue. I wasn’t sure what the pump did exactly so I turned to YouTube in the hope of finding a video demonstration.

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Thirty years in business and still going strong

This is a  short video PDD put together to celebrate our thirty years in the business. Here’s to thirty more. PDD // 30 Years of Innovation from PDDInnovation on Vimeo.

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The second best thing after sliced bread? Milk bottle openers

On returning from my local corner shop with a bottle of milk, I laid out the tools required to formulate the perfect cup of tea: kettle-on, sugar-out, mug selected , tea bag dumped. Tea making has become so habitual, it’s something that’s assumed to be done with ease by all.

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Should airport scanning become more sensitive to cultural differences and basic human rights?

Because of what I do, I spend a lot of time thinking about cultural differences. Whilst travelling recently, a simple procedure at an airport challenged my perceptions of how “culturally-sensitive” I really am, and got me thinking about the interconnectedness of modesty, security, and human rights.

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Delivering better experiences: A trip to Kastrup

Both work and personal life regularly take me to Copenhagen’s principal airport, Kastrup. Unlike many airports, Kastrup is one of the few that I actually look forward to passing through, to the extent that on a number of occasions, I have actually tried my best to arrive early, just to spend more time there.

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