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Insights from IFA 2018

Having celebrated 10 years of home appliances, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2018 exhibition proved that customisation and matching experiences with consumer’s needs are still key aspects for brands to take into consideration for further commercial success.

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Multi-sensory design in a digital world

The juxtaposition between digital technology and multi-sensory will always exist, however, the tension between the two is easing as brands, manufacturers and ‘sensory explorers’ across various industries are finding new and exciting ways to stimulate our senses through digital technology.

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PDD at Brand Innovation and Evolution event in Shanghai

PDD Shanghai in collaboration with Process Group will host the Brand Innovation and Evolution event on 11th September 2018 from 1:30 p.m. at Xingguo Hotel B, No.78 Xingguo Road, Shanghai.

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Human Factors and Ergonomics: A discussion at the IEA 2018

We are pleased to announce that Dr Chris Vincent, Principal – Human Factors & Ergonomics at PDD will be delivering a speech at the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) in Florence, Italy on the 28th of August.

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Human factors for digital health

Human Factors and Ergonomics contribute towards Digital Health by providing an understanding of the healthcare system, making sure we get the right tool for the job and making sure that the tool fits and fit for purpose.

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Management of evaluations: Patients with ‘sensitive’ medical conditions

Conducting any kind of patient-centric evaluation can present numerous challenges; preparing for and conducting evaluation sessions with patients suffering from sensitive and changeable conditions (such as Alzheimer’s) can present even more complex challenges, as we found out on a study we conducted in the past year.

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Digitalised senses and e-commerce

Whether used for recreational benefits or more serious purposes; multi-sensory technology embedded into the retail scene shows how smell, taste, sight and sounds can be converted into revolutionary innovations

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Dialogue on beta testing at the Human Factors for Medical Devices workshop

Dr Chris Vincent, Human Factors & Ergonomics Principal at PDD, joined the conversation on beta testing at the Human Factors for Medical Devices workshop which took place at the Museum of London earlier this June.

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Colouring our taste

As the digital world is quickly taking over all aspects of people’s lives, we have come to realise that a return to the basics is a well-needed breath of fresh air

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PDD sponsors the 2018 Design Innovation in Plastics competition

The prestigious Design Innovation in Plastics Award is the longest running student plastics design competition in Europe. Six students from universities around the UK presented their innovative new products to a panel of judges, which included PDD’s Hugo Revellat…

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Digital Health & Medication Adherence

A look at how medical device and pharma companies can cut through complex issues and big data to develop well-targeted medical adherence solutions.

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Monsieur Cuisine wins Red Dot Award!

We are thrilled to announce that our recent work, the multi-functional kitchen machine – Monsieur Cuisine, has won the world-renowned Red Dot Award 2018. Promoting the very best in design, the award is an internationally recognised stamp of outstanding design quality.

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PDD sponsors women’s London football team, Brockwell United

PDD is delighted to announce that it is sponsoring a newly formed women’s football team based in the heart of trendy south London, Brixton. Coached by PDD’s multi-talented Senior Human Factors consultant Nick Choofon, we’re expecting to see big things from Brockwell United this year. Nick explains why…

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Sustainability – a key highlight from Material Xperience 2018

With material innovations spanning across architecture, interiors, fashion, graphics and packaging at Material Xperience in Rotterdam, a great detail of focus this year was given to sustainability. Not surprising given the global waste and plastics crisis, the shift towards more environmentally friendly alternatives is high on the agenda across all industries.

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Digital Health and Wearable Technology 2018 at Excel

PDD’s Graham Lacy attended the Digital Health and Wearable Technology Shows at Excel. This twinned exhibition showcases recent innovations in connected devices for the healthcare and wellness industry as well as wearable technologies from other categories.

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Design Shanghai 2018

Design Shanghai is Asia’s leading international design event bringing together established international brands alongside up-and-coming designers from China and around the world.

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Q&A with newly appointed Principal of Design Innovation Asia, Charles Ingrey-Senn

We are excited to announce that Charles Ingrey-Senn has been appointed Principal of Design Innovation Asia at PDD. This is a key appointment, supporting growth and development of PDD as a leading global consultancy.

PDD’s Marketing Executive, Susie Quddus interviews our newest team member about his exciting role at PDD Shanghai and the latest FMCG trends in China.

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Human-Centered Design tames big data into information that your business can use

While we are all conscious that big data will be transforming our businesses and even our way of life, the best use and how to translate all of that data is not always immediately evident. Human-Centered Design helps find the most meaningful ways to translate big data into information that your business can use to the benefit of your organisation.

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Culture: PDD is supporting iconic London Dub-Punk legends, Ruts DC.

Oliver Breit, PDD Manging Director Asia, is an avid UK New Wave collector. If you want to know anything about punk our go-to-person is Oliver. So we’re super excited that this year we have the pleasure of sponsoring iconic dub-punk band, Ruts DC which is making a very special performance in Hong Kong…

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PDD gains re-certification to the latest standard for medical devices quality assurance

Following our successful transition in June to the latest 2016 revision of ISO13485, we were certified in November for a further 3 years for our client services in research, design, engineering, pre-production manufacture, verification and validation.

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