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Nikon UI

Nikon Design invited PDD to look at their existing Nikon digital cameras to realign, improve and advance the user experience.

Our human factors and design teams started by assessing Nikon’s competitive market, including smart devices, to identify problems and opportunity areas. Along with a usability study, we ran a comprehensive research and insight programme to assess current trends in graphic user interface design, interaction, technology and visual communications. By underpinning the unmet needs and aspirations of potential users, we were able to define the value that an improve and new interaction would add to the experience of using a digital camera.


Building on our research insights, PDD led a series of collaborative workshops with Nikon’s design team to explore and generate new function and visual directions for Nikon. The approach was then captured in an engaging short film to introduce the new, coherent Graphic User Interface design language and user experience to the wider Nikon team.

Inspired by that vision, Nikon Design continues to lead the way in digital camera technology, with a user-centred approach that helps them stand out from the rest.

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