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Developing a first-of-a-kind EV charger system for cities

We partnered with Trojan Energy to develop an innovative, first-of-a-kind on-street electric vehicle (EV) charger system to help support EV usage and promote a greener future.

Designed to serve the needs of city dwellers in densely populated areas, the system is optimised to withstand the challenges of urban life – from vandalism to crowded pavements – and does so in an understated way, maintaining the character of the streets and neighbourhoods.

The flat-and-flush system designed by PDD integrates robust, weather and vandal-proof mechanisms within the on-street 3-phase power supply, controlled electronically through a cloud-connected app.

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The unique on-street charge points sit flush with the pavement, with no permanent raised street furniture at the pavement edge. Customers use an attachable lance which connects their vehicle to a flat-and-flush charging point in the street, charging at the roadside.

Importantly, the system incorporates input from Disability Rights UK to improve safety for all street users. It underwent rigorous testing during the design process to ensure it could withstand all weather conditions and the wear and tear of being on heavily pedestrianised streets.

From a design and technical perspective, this project presented a fascinating challenge. Right from the start, the PDD team had to address seemingly conflicting needs and develop a solution that is both strong and light; flexible and sturdy; invisible when idle, yet noticeable when in use to protect pedestrians. Working closely with Trojan, our teams prototyped, tested and iterated concepts in an agile manner to develop a radically innovative solution in record time.

Trojan V2

The first roll out of the EV charging points was completed in 2022, with residents of select streets across London boroughs Camden and Brent accessing the charging systems. In addition to expanding into new cities across the UK, Trojan Energy is also developing publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charge points that can be installed in the street outside a customer’s home, powered by their domestic electricity supply and potentially shared between neighbours.

To find out more about the charging hubs, please visit Trojan Energy’s website.

“Working with PDD has been fantastic, and they really understood our vision from the start. This revolutionary technology provides a solution to deliver vital on-street charging to help reach Net Zero whilst keeping our streets clear of clutter. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far”

Ian McKenzie, CEO at Trojan Energy

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