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Whether projects are first inspired by new technology or by unmet market need, it’s ultimately the alignment of both that leads to worthwhile innovation and commercial success.

At PDD, we understand the power of inventive technology; it can create new experiences and features, solve long-suffered problems and improve performance, affordability and sustainability.

Through the origination and management of the associated intellectual property, we also help our clients to capitalise their expenditure; turning investment into assets and helping to defend it from undue competition.

Striving to improve and grow involves doing something different and new with the potential for risk, so our teams approach the integration of new technology carefully through:
– Scouting and sourcing appropriate emerging and transferrable technologies.
– Assessing feasibility through theoretical modelling, experimentation and analogous precedent.
– Inventing new solutions, whether by origination, re-application or circumvention.
– Multi-disciplinary integration with Human Factors and Design.

Our keenness for inventive thinking has created many world-first products and the 100s of commercialised patents are testament to the value created for our clients. The most successful companies are consistently those that invest in innovation and PDD is happy to count many amongst its clients

3D printer at PDD London studio

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