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Belron® Autoglass Tools

Design breakthrough in windscreen replacement

Belron® is the organisation behind Autoglass® in the UK and Carglass® across Europe. Building on its long-standing relationship with PDD, the vehicle glass repair and replacement company asked for help in designing a new tool.

Belron needed the tool because today’s windscreens are often fitted with adhesives that make removal difficult. Considerable physical strength is required to cut out the glass, increasing the risk of damage to the customer’s vehicle and injury to the company’s technician. Having researched the European market for windscreen removal, PDD worked alongside Belron® Technical to develop a new tool called the Ezicut. At the company’s request, PDD then managed all tool and assembly development, as well as the production process in the Far East.

Thanks to a holistic design approach, PDD created a new tool for technicians that delivered greater control and cutting precision while requiring less physical effort. Using the tool speeded up windscreen removal and reduced the likelihood of injury or vehicle damage – reducing claims against the company from customers and employees alike.

PDD has spent considerable time in the field and fully understands the nature of our business. PDD is our first port of call for any problem.

Dr. Chris Davies, Head of Innovation, Belron® Technical

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