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E-learning programme powered by Skillsoft and PDD


on November 8 2019

Innovating in today’s world by delivering tangible value to customers and securing sustainable growth is essential to ensure the success of your organisation. However, innovation is not easy. There is considerable risk along the entire continuum – from the outset of uncovering opportunities through to implementing and delivering solutions to people.

We believe it’s important to add a human touch to the entire designing process by implementing a Human-Centred Design approach to innovation. This is a proven methodology rooted in design and human sciences that helps mitigate the risks associated with the launch of new products, services and strategies. Through a better understanding of the needs, desires and contexts of the people we’re designing for and with, encouraging collaboration and communication amongst different industry disciplines, and engaging in frequent testing and sense-checking of solutions, we can ensure that we are both designing the right “thing” and designing the “thing” right.

Over eight years ago, we launched our first-ever design innovation training programme as a way of sharing our creativity and business expertise with people from all over the world, and we will continue to do so in a digital format too. Our most recent collaboration with Skillsoft – a leading global provider of high-quality, cloud-based learning platform, translated into an interactive and comprehensive online learning programme that enables organisations to access various video-based courses and effective tools needed to discover and define opportunities, brainstorm, prototype and test solutions.

Design’s greatest superpower is that it helps navigate the unknown through cycles of creativity and critical thinking. Design asks that we enter the process with an open mind; it assumes that we don’t know the answer from the very beginning, which liberates us from going into the process with a promise of certainty. Sure, we hope to get to somewhere that has value for our intended audience or user. But that doesn’t mean we know how we will do that from the outset. If we did, we wouldn’t need a design process.” – Lisa Kay Solomon, Skillsoft Expert Insights on Design Thinking, Skillsoft

We are proud to launch our new online learning programme in partnership with Skillsoft, and that we are part of a digital initiative of enabling training through design thinking. If you are interested in taking this course or would like more information, please get in touch with us or visit Skillsoft.