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Understanding Moments of Change to Drive Sustainable Behaviours

Across the consumer sector, leading brands are now implementing sustainable goals into their product lines, but the big question remains – how do you get consumers to engage with them?

At PDD, we are currently examining the barriers that prevent consumers from embracing lasting, sustainable behaviour change and the way consumer brands can overcome the forces at play.

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Design for Repair: Driving more sustainable behaviours

Electrical waste (e-waste) continues to be a growing problem globally and is estimated to increase by at least 2 million tonnes per year, to reach 120 million tonnes by 2050 if both manufactures and consumers fail to take action. In July 2021, the UK Government put into force a new ecodesign requirement for electrical products sold in […]

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The Voltcraft VC 891 wins a Red Dot award 2023

We are very proud to announce that the Voltcraft VC 891, designed in collaboration with Conrad Electronic, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2023 in the category of Product Design.

Recognised by the jury for its high standards of functionality and quality, the design delivers precision, reliability and ruggedness in a high-voltage environment and a seamless user experience in a context where safety always comes first.

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Infant Nutrition…
Best for baby, best for planet

We are seeing a rise in baby formulas and foods with some serious eco credentials, expanding the market offering of plant-based and free-from alternatives within this sector. This new range that follows stage-based nutritional standards, is aligning with the values of parents on both nutrition and climate change. So, what’s driving this new subcategory? As is often the case, several forces are at play when new product variants start to emerge, here’s some of the key drivers we have observed.

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Refills and Dispensing –
Designing a more Sustainable Future.

Today, consumer enthusiasm for packaging-free and refillable options continues to grow. Yet, despite the reassuring signs that the current pandemic has not hindered consumers’ appetite for sustainable practices, the wide adoption of refills and dispensing models continues to present significant challenges.

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Grounded in reality – the true value of Human-Centred Research

When was the last time you pulled when it said ‘push’?

Every day, we are surrounded by products and services that somehow, don’t work as we expect them to. Whether it is an ‘impossible-to-follow’ set of instructions or the ‘push’ sign on a handle that clearly invites you to pull, people are constantly forced to develop workarounds to compensate for poor design.

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The Philips Water Dispenser wins a Red Dot Award 2021

We were delighted to see the Philips Water Dispenser win at this year’s Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the category of Product Design, one of the world’s most recognised and sought-after seals of quality for good design.

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The OLAV Chefmesser wins a Red Dot Award

We are delighted to announce that Olav’s Chefmesser has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award as an outstanding example of Product Design. Das Chefmesser, an innovative Chef Knife, is the latest in a series of collaborations between PDD and Olav – a visionary German startup that is transforming the market for cookware in Europe and beyond.

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Understanding The Healthcare Consumer

Over the past year, health has become the focal point of our lives in a way that few of us could have predicted, nor ignored. Just like consumer culture transformed our societies two centuries ago, health and health-related issues now shape our identity, our lifestyle, our perspectives and importantly  our aspirations for the future.

In this article, Emma Dickinson – Consultant, Research Recruitment at PDD, explores people’s evolving attitudes in healthcare and how healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can make the most of that opportunity to deliver a compelling, engaging experience for all. 

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The Beauty of Responsibility.

Design can be a powerful driver for change – it can inspire new behaviours and drive us to think and act more responsibly. But to innovate ourselves to a better future, a puritanical focus on reducing impact will not do.

In this article, Marko Plevnik, Principal – Industrial Design at PDD, reflects on the importance of character in good design and the need to create meaningful experiences that are emotionally rewarding and encourage people to do the right thing. 

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OLAV wins German Design Award 2021

OLAV wins German Design Award We are delighted to announce that our work with OLAV, the German-Austrian cookware startup, has been recognized by the German Design Award committee for outstanding design. The German Design Award honours innovative, pioneering products in international design. OLAV, with a vision to rethink cooking by putting people first and their […]

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E-learning programme powered by Skillsoft and PDD

The online learning programme enables organisations to access various video-based courses and effective tools needed to discover and define opportunities, brainstorm, prototype and test solutions.

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Mash up: Human-Centred Design & Business Model Canvas

A few weeks ago I posted a mash-of Larry Keeley’s Ten Types of Innovation and Alexander Osterwalder’s and Yves Pigneur’s Business Model Canvas (BMC).

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A Doctor’s perspective on learning Human-Centred Design

During my internship with PDD, I participated in the LUMA Institute + PDD’s Human-Centred Design (HCD) for Innovation workshop that the PDD HCD team runs several times a year in London.

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Health, well-being and HUMIIN™ interactions at the International Home+ Housewares Show

Our friends at Intersection-inc. attended the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, IL, and provided some insights into the hot topics and products from the show.

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The focus of our Deep Dive Human-Centred Design workshop is…

In early January we asked people on our mailing list to let us know which topic they’d like see in a Human-Centred Design workshop from the list below.

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“West meets East”

This September we returned to the London Design Festival (LDF), making the journey across town from West London to set up home in a large gallery space on Redchurch Street. This enabled us to run our Human-Centred Design (HCD) taster workshops and showcase two other installations: cultural insights on graffiti from five global cities on large format posters and an interactive trend map, exploring different approaches to beauty around the world.

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PDD in context: London Design Festival 2013 highlights

“Drink some coffee and hammer up some drywall!” That’s what we did on the day before we opened up our pop-up space (three times bigger than last year!) to welcome visitors at the London Design Festival 2013.

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