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VOKE – Nicotine inhaler licensed by the MHRA

As a designer I have always found the most rewarding products to develop are those that improve the quality of people’s lives: whether it’s medical equipment for new therapies, easier to use pharma devices, protective equipment for industry and defence or safety products for the rugged outdoors. Improving lives for me means delivering better and safer experiences and wellbeing, preferably also in a more efficient or sustainable way. There is a clear value attached to improving the quality of lives of users, so at the same time the endeavor is more likely to be a worthwhile to the producer also. At PDD we call this objective where parties win-win ‘Meaningful Innovation’.

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Live insights and trends data mapping

There are many ways that insights and examples can be communicated, from reports, to videos, to interactive tools. We created this interactive trends map to show one example of how trends data can be delivered so that it’s easy to access and keep up to date. By presenting information on an online, interactive platform, readers can explore the information at their own pace.

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