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April 4 2022
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The TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard wins a Red Dot Award 2022

We are very proud to share that the TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard designed in collaboration with PDD, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2022 in the category of Product Design.

A milestone on energy savings and security

TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard

With a reputation for smart and innovative power management systems, TrickleStar approached PDD as they were entering the highly competitive field of computer accessories. The Advanced Keyboard is a milestone product that dramatically improves the security aspects and limits power consumption in offices and workplaces.

Idle workstations represent both a security risk and an unnecessary waste of energy. TrickleStar’s innovative sensor technology reliably detects whether the person using the computer is there or not, and takes appropriate action.

TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard, designed in collaboration with PDD

Working in close collaboration with TrickleStar, the PDD team identified design elements to drive sustainable behaviours.

A clearly visible Sleep button encourages the operator to put the entire system – both computer and screen – to sleep.
Positioned at the back and to the side of the keyboard, the button is intuitive to use and self-explanatory. Even if the Sleep function is not activated, the keyboard automatically puts the system to sleep according to the time of absence selected.

The keyboard increases security, preventing sensitive data from being left on display on people’s screens. Extensive tests also show impressive energy savings, meeting the needs of energy-conscious enterprises around the world.

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