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Carlsberg Innovation Roadmap for Convenience Packaging

Fuelling the innovation pipeline for packaging

Carlsberg asked PDD to help develop a 7-year innovation roadmap for convenience packaging that covered its European off-trade channels. Since these channels drive home consumption, PDD concentrated on how re-designed packaging could add ‘convenience’ value to consumers.

After evaluating Carlsberg’s own research, PDD conducted ethnography studies with consumers and interviewed stakeholders and experts in two European countries and one emerging market, each of which has a distinct culture that translates into unique purchasing patterns and consumption behaviour. Simultaneously, our trends analysts explored social experiences and technology, allowing us to understand how changes to home environments and packaging materials might affect consumption.

By combining the ethnography and trends research, we identified the richest opportunities for packaging innovation. Using co-creation workshops with consumers and Carlsberg, we developed a wide range of ideas which we synthesised into key concepts before testing with consumers in a quantitative research study. We then conducted feasibility and viability assessments on the most desirable concepts before developing proof-of-concept models, mapping them onto a product development pipeline and working on patents.

We’ve been working with Carlsberg for a number of years, helping it bring the concepts on the pipeline to market.

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