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Flexicon PF7

Flexicon from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology is established as the leading peristaltic filling pump for high-value liquids. Watson-Marlow wanted to improve the user experience through interaction and the industrial design on a new generation product.

As its long-standing partner, PDD was asked to deliver this and our human factors specialists and designers conducted research in pharma companies and laboratories to discover the challenges and opportunities. The findings included a fear of incorrect use pointing to the need for greater clarity and reassurance.

The user interaction was improved with a high-resolution, full-colour display. We used interaction principles established from our medical device work to help make operation instinctive and reduce the risk of errors. The Flexicon PF7 gives a clear indication of current status and the next-selected action to improve user confidence and safeguard against any potential waste of high-value product formulations.


The casework was given a contemporary, high-value, and hygienic appearance and the internal component configuration was reworked to minimise product footprint for laboratories where space is a premium. Portability was also improved to help shared use between laboratories and production lines with handholds made an obvious and attractive visible feature.
Working closely with Watson-Marlow, PDD improved the design to maintain the lead and competitiveness of Felxicon.

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