Testo T870 IR Imager | PDD

Testo T870 IR Imager

Multifunctional industrial tools maintain a unified VBL

Testo is well-known for its state-of-the-art professional measurement tools and PDD has helped to develop the iconic Testo Visual Brand Language (VBL) over 15 years by developing several bestselling products in the range. PDD worked with Testo to develop the infrared (IR) thermal imaging devices used by professionals in many applications, particularly in the construction industry.

Initially a newcomer to the category, Testo has gained significant share of the market and the T870 is one more example of a successful collaboration with PDD.

Testo products are known for their form and simplicity despite their multifunctional versatility and this now ties-in seamlessly with its UI platform. It has a reputation for reliability and withstanding harsh weather and extreme working conditions.
The R&D team at Testo pays keen attention to ensure its products are rugged with both intuitive, ergonomic design and clear interfaces. PDD keeps these core brand and design requirements front of mind throughout.

The PDD team in the Far East has worked with Testo for many years to validate product through prototype testing and to provide manufacturing expertise.

The T870 is another great example of how collaborative PDD teams work seamlessly across geographies in design, engineering and manufacturing to tight development schedules.

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