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Ryobi Car Buffer

PDD development never spins out of control

When PDD worked with Techtronic Industries, parent of power tools brand Ryobi, the design studio’s geographical proximity was just one advantage.  The team’s experience in battery-powered tools ensured the successful development of a high speed, high torque car buffer for the global market.

The designers had to overcome a number of challenges: it had to evolve Ryobi’s design heritage within the market for professional-grade battery-powered tools while creating a product with worldwide distribution potential. It was important to address the technical and ergonomic issues associated with a random-orbit sander which are traditionally hard to handle safely.

When buffing spots on a car surface, users need to grip the machine with both hands and from any angle without covering the cooling air vents.  The user mustn’t touch the moving disk, which on this machine orbits 10,000 times per minute to create a smooth finish, free of visible swirls.

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