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Vicon Motion Systems Motion Capture Cameras

Moving forward with a new design language

Vicon Motion Systems is the global leader in motion capture hardware and software, helping industry sectors including animation, engineering and life sciences to track and analyze movement. The company commissioned PDD to create a design language that would define the look of its T-Series devices, as well as later products.

PDD’s chief challenge was to create a coherent and consistent design that Vicon could realise cost-effectively – and which a variety of target audiences would find appealing. Having conducted semiotics research with a cross-section of Vicon’s customers, PDD created an award-winning design for the T-Series that also allowed Vicon to see its total product environment more clearly.

Having identified a gap at the entry-level to the market, the company invited PDD to design the ‘Bonita’ motion camera. To ensure the new camera sat comfortably within the unified look of the Vicon range, PDD incorporated the attributes embodied within the T-Series such as quality, appearance and performance. At the same time, care was taken to use materials and processes that kept the camera at the entry-level.

Thanks to PDD’s creation of a visual brand language that brings a visible logic to the range, Vicon has a product development platform for now and the future.

Vicon motion cameras

We enjoy working with the PDD team. They’re clearly good at their work and, perhaps most importantly, they’re great on the communication side too. It was easy to talk openly with PDD and when we agreed changes, they happened. Based on the achievements of the first project, we’ve started other projects with them – and that ultimately is the real measure of success.

Nick Bolton, Chief Executive OMG Plc (Parent company of Vicon Motion Systems Ltd)

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