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Pure Smart Speaker

Defining a new audio experience.

Pure are experts in radio. With a range of award-winning audio products in their portfolio, they approached PDD to explore the smart speaker market and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviours and people’s emotional connections with audio to define new products and experiences.

As a long-standing client of PDD, Pure had gained a good understanding of people’s expectations and motivations when it comes to audio. Building on those insights, PDD involved consumers further down the line in the development process to evaluate and validate initial concepts in a co-creation setting. The research unveiled keys drivers of decision making and pinpointed usability, visual and sound quality as key elements of a digital audio experience. Consumer privacy was also an issue, and the fact that smart devices such as speakers are always on and listening, a cause of anxiety for many.

An intuitive and connected design experience.

Building on those insights, the PDD team set out to redefine the consumer experience around smart speakers to make it safer and more versatile, with products that can be used at home, in the garden or even on the move.

The result is the Pure Smart Speaker, an intuitive Alexa-enabled device with a sleek simple design, that is battery operated and truly portable. The ‘mic drop’ feature is designed not just to protect the speaker whilst in transit and switch the device off, with a seamless, elegant interaction but gives user control over privacy. The physical element of the on/off button also created a larger audio chamber so the team at PDD reorientated internal components to allow for a robust 360-degree sound experience, whist still retaining the speaker’s discreet footprint and portable design.

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