Building a product brand in healthcare innovation.

Vitalograph is a global leader in respiratory diagnostics, with a mission to improve patient lives.

Vitalograph first engaged PDD to define a design DNA and a visual brand language for their products to convey the ethos of Vitalograph through the product experience, across all touchpoints and interfaces.

To define Vitalograph’s product design strategy, PDD worked on a range of products, ranging from large-scale to desktop and handheld devices. Considering Vitalograph’s core brand values, the PDD team created a Design DNA that ensured cohesion across the entire portfolio, brings those values to life and outlines the elements that make the products unique and recognisable.

As Vitalograph’s products are about respiration, a core design element that we wanted to express was the movement of air. The design DNA seeks to imprint that sense of movement through the products, reinforcing the brand’s presence through structural elements. PDD explored new materials as well as new user interfaces and non-visual sensory traits – including a soundscape – to fully craft a holistic product experience.

In recent years, PDD’s highly-collaborative journey with Vitalograph has resulted in multiple new products in development. The result is a suite of products that are distinctive, stand out in the market and make a valuable difference to end patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers alike.

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It has been a formidable partnership. PDD has enabled us to reconsider our products and become more future proof, with a clear design DNA and a coherent portfolio that works across different scales and proportions and responds better to changing user and market needs.

Frank Keane, CEO of Vitalograph.

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