PDD Digital Healthcare Innovation | Medical Device Development


PDD has over 40 years of experience in medical device development – from innovative drug delivery devices to new, connected diagnostic and monitoring tools for smarter healthcare systems. 

Our healthcare innovations are aligned with needs, designed with rigour and engineered to deliver business value.

We have a deep understanding of the practices of healthcare staff and caregivers, of the needs and behaviours of patients, and of the regulations and pathways to approval in different markets and cultures. We have helped some of the world’s most influential healthcare firms and Medtech start-ups develop equipment and launch devices in Europe, America and Asia.

Our integrated capabilities in research and human factors, experience and industrial design, technology, engineering, prototyping and testing work within a sophisticated quality system certified to ISO13485:2016 and client-audited to 21CFR820.

At PDD, our cross-sector expertise benefits our healthcare work. We use our knowledge of consumer products to create healthcare experiences that appeal and delight users. We also build on our experience in rugged and industrial equipment to deliver the usability, quality and reliability that healthcare professionals need, and value most.


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