UnoMedical UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus

Design evolution improves usability and patient care

When caring for patients who are critically ill, it is important to monitor their condition – including urine production and output – around the clock. To address this need, the UnoMeter™ Safeti™ (developed by Unomedical, a ConvaTec company) allows for hourly urine monitoring. When the time came to update this well-regarded product, Unomedical commissioned PDD.

PDD’s research in hospitals across Europe identifies opportunities for improving ease of use and infection control, without exceeding budgetary constraints. In mapping the Safeti’s journey from purchasing, delivery and storage through to usage and disposal, a clear message emerged: while infection control remains an important issue for healthcare professionals, they do not want to pay a premium to achieve it. This insight ensured that PDD retained the original device’s best features within the new UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus, while incorporating numerous incremental, cost-effective improvements to usability and patient safety.

PDD’s approach proves that successful product development can be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so long as the designers understand and satisfy the needs of users. The UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus won a Gold DBA Design Effectiveness award for its user centric design and commercial success.

"Since its launch, the UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus had an immediate effect... [and was] the single biggest driver of the company’s new product sales."

Ulrik Langsager, ConvaTec Continence and Critical Care product portfolio manager